Ahyeon Cho

Ahyeon Cho

Graduate Student

Office: A58-E

Email: choah[at]ucla.edu

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Ahyeon (pronounced eye-yawn) is a PhD student at UCLA. Her research interests are broadly in sociology of the family, gender, and social demography. Previously, she examined the relationship between Family Public Policies and the working mother’s experience in the context of South Korea. Currently, she is interested in exploring how major life course events influence the shift of self racial identities of mixed race individuals.


  • MA in Social Sciences, University of Chicago, 2021
  • MA in International Cooperation, Seoul National University, 2019
  • BA in International Studies, Korea University, 2016

Fields of Study

Family, Gender, Korean Family Public Policies, Social Stratification, Social Demography

Awards & Grants

  • Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA 2023
  • NICHD Trainee Fellowship, UCLA CCPR 2022-2023
  • Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA 2022
  • Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, UCLA 2021
  • Phoenix Research Award, University of Chicago 2020
  • Distinguished Thesis Award, Seoul National University 2019
  • Dean’s Award, Seoul National University 2018
  • Best Researched Presentation, KOICA/Korea University 2015