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Natasha Quadlin

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Natasha Quadlin is an Associate Professor of Sociology and a faculty fellow in the California Center for Population Research at UCLA. Her research examines social inequality in the contemporary United States, with an emphasis on topics such as (a) the social and economic dynamics of gender inequality, (b) inequality in access and returns to higher education, and (c) debt and the economics of higher education. She is particularly interested in using large-scale experiments and surveys to assess the mechanisms behind how inequalities unfold in social life.


Ph.D., Sociology, Indiana University, 2017

M.S., Applied Statistics, Indiana University, 2014

M.A., Sociology, Indiana University, 2013

B.S., Social Policy, Northwestern University, 2009



Quadlin, Natasha and Brian Powell. 2022. Who Should Pay? Higher Education, Responsibility, and the Public. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. (Link)

Selected Articles

Quadlin, Natasha, Tom VanHeuvelen, and Caitlin Ahearn. 2023. “Higher Education and High-Wage Gender Inequality.” Social Science Research 112:102873.

Quadlin, Natasha, Nanum Jeon, Long Doan, and Brian Powell. 2022. “Untangling Perceptions of Atypical Parents.” Journal of Marriage and Family 84(4):1175–95.

Conwell, Jordan A. and Natasha Quadlin. 2022. “Race, Gender, Higher Education, and Socioeconomic Attainment: Evidence from Baby Boomers at Mid-Life.” Social Forces 100(3):990–1024.

Roscigno, Vincent J., Jill E. Yavorsky, and Natasha Quadlin. 2021. “Gendered Dignity at Work.” American Journal of Sociology 127(2):562–620.

Quadlin, Natasha and Jordan A. Conwell. 2021. “Race, Gender, and Parental College Savings: Assessing Economic and Academic Factors.” Sociology of Education 94(1):20–42.

Quadlin, Natasha. 2020. “From Major Preferences to Major Choices: Gender and Logics of Major Choice.” Sociology of Education 93(2):91–109.

Quadlin, Natasha. 2019. “Sibling Achievement, Sibling Gender, and Beliefs about Parental Investment: Evidence from a National Survey Experiment.” Social Forces 97(4):1603–30.

Quadlin, Natasha. 2018. “The Mark of a Woman’s Record: Gender and Academic Performance in Hiring.” American Sociological Review 83(2):331–60.

Quadlin, Natasha. 2017. “Funding Sources, Family Income, and Fields of Study in College.” Social Forces 96(1):91–120.

Awards & Grants

Visiting Scholar, Russell Sage Foundation, 2022-23

Doris Entwisle Early Career Award, ASA Section on Sociology of Education, 2021

Lupia-Mutz Outstanding Publication Award, Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS), 2021

Devah Pager Outstanding Article Award, ASA Section on Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, 2019

Distinguished Article Award, ASA Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender, 2019

James Coleman Award for Best Article, ASA Section on Sociology of Education, 2019

Karl F. Schuessler Award for Graduate Research, Indiana University Department of Sociology, 2016

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow


Jordan Conwell, University of Texas at Austin

Long Doan, University of Maryland

Christina Ciocca Eller, Harvard University

Brian Powell, Indiana University

Vinnie Roscigno, Ohio State University

Tom VanHeuvelen, University of Minnesota

Jill Yavorsky, University of North Carolina-Charlotte