Will Schupmann

Will Schupmann

Graduate Student

Email: wschupmann@ucla.edu

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  • M.A. in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles (2022)
  • B.A. in Health and Societies, University of Pennsylvania (2017)

Fields of Study

Medical Sociology, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods


Peer-reviewed publications (see Google Scholar)

  • Schupmann, Will, Xiaobai Li, and David Wendler. 2022. “Acceptable Risks in Pediatric Research: Views of the U.S. Public.” Pediatrics 149(1):e2021052687
  • DiRago, Nicholas, Meiying Li, Thalia Tom, Will Schupmann, Yvonne Carrillo, Colleen M. Carey, and S. Michael Gaddis. 2022. “Local Differences in COVID-19 Vaccination by Socioeconomic and Racial/Ethnic Composition between March and April 2021.” Journal of Urban Health 99:191-207.
  • Schupmann, Will, Skye A. Miner, Haley K. Sullivan, Jamie R. Glover, Janet E. Hall, Shepherd H. Schurman, and Benjamin E. Berkman. 2021. “Exploring the Motivations of Research Participants Who Chose Not to Learn Medically Actionable Genetic Information about Themselves.” Genetics in Medicine 23:2281-2288.
  • Schupmann, Will, Xiaobai Li, and David Wendler. 2021. “Do the Potential Benefits of Phase I Pediatric Oncology Trials Justify the Risks? Views of the U.S. Public.” Journal of Pediatrics 238:249-258.e3
  • Schupmann, Will, and Jonathan D. Moreno. 2020. “Belmont in Context.” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 63(2):220-239.
  • Schupmann, Will, and Christine Grady. 2020. “Highs and Lows of Research: Exploring Value in Research Cases.” In Oxford Handbook of Research Ethics, edited by Douglas Mackay and Ana Iltis.
  • Schupmann, Will, Leila Jamal, and Benjamin E. Berkman. 2020. “Re-examining the Ethics of Genetic Counseling in the Genomic Era.” Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 17:325-335.
  • Jamal, Leila, Will Schupmann, and Benjamin E. Berkman. 2019. “An Ethical Framework for Genetic Counseling in the Genomic Era.” Journal of Genetic Counseling 29(5):718-727.
  • Schupmann, Will. 2018. “Human Experimentation in Public Schools: How Schools Served as Sites of Vaccine Trials in the 20th Century.” American Journal of Public Health 108(8):1015-1022.
  • Schupmann, Will, Katherine Riva, Seipone Mphele, Neo Moshashane, Mitchelle Matesva, and Elizabeth Lowenthal. 2018. “Phenomenology of Substance Use Among School-Going Adolescents in Botswana.” International Journal of School Health 5(4):e82879.
  • Riva, Katherine, Lynne Allen-Taylor, Will Schupmann, Seipone Mphele, Neo Moshashane, and Elizabeth Lowenthal. 2018. “Prevalence and Predictors of Alcohol and Drug Use among Secondary School Students in Botswana: A Cross-Sectional Study.” BMC Public Health 18:1396.

Popular media

  • Schupmann, Will. “Why Kids Should Get Their COVID-19 Vaccines at School.” Slate, March 16, 2021.
  • Schupmann, Will. “Strange Brotherhood: The hidden chapter of wartime human experimentation in the DKE house.” The Pennsylvania Gazette, September 2017.
  • Schupmann, Will, and Jonathan Moreno. “Will Measles Parties Return?” Huffington Post, January 30, 2017.

Awards & Grants

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2020 – 2024
  • Silton Undergraduate Research Mentorship Award 2022
  • Phi Beta Kappa 2017

Conference Presentations

  • “‘We are not the ethics police’: The professionalization of clinical ethicists and the regulation of
    medical decision-making.”
    • American Sociological Association, Medical Sociology Roundtable Presentation
    • American Society of Bioethics Humanities, Paper Presentation
  • “Exploring the Motivations of Research Participants Who Chose Not to Learn Medically Actionable Genetic Information about Themselves.” ELSI Congress, Columbia University, 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • “Re-examining Nondirectiveness in the Genomic Era.” American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, Annual Conference, 2019


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  • Hannah Landecker