Lynne Zucker

Lynne Zucker

Professor Emeritus


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Organization theory, institutional structure and process, knowledge generation and transfer, comparative international institutions, industrial productivity.


Ph. D., Stanford University


“Intellectual Human Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises,” American Economic Review, March 1998, 88(1): 290-306. (With Michael R. Darby, and Marilynn B. Brewer)

“Geographically Localized Knowledge: Spillovers or Markets?”, Economic Inquiry, January 1998, 36(1): 65-86. (Witch Michael R. Darby and Jeff Armstrong)

“Star Scientists and Institutional Transformation: Patterns of Invention and Innovation in the Formation of the Biotechnology Industry.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 12, 1996, 93 (23): 12, 709-12, 716 (With Michael R. Darby)

“Production of Trust: Institutional Sources of Economic Structure, 184-1920,” Research in Organizational Behavior, 1986.

Awards & Grants


NSF NIRT to construct NanoBank, 2003-2007

UCLA International Institute, 2003-2006
Extend Nanotech research program to other countries. Collaboration with NIRT team.

UC Industry-University Collaborative Research Program, 2002-2004. Understanding the role of UC and other California Universities in the generation and success of the nanotechnolgy industry in California; comparative with other high tech areas of US.