Judith Seltzer

Judith Seltzer

Research Professor

Office: 212A Haines Hall

Email: seltzerj@ucla.edu

Phone: 310-825-5646

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I study inequality within and between families.

My research interests include kinship patterns, intergenerational obligations, relationships between nonresident fathers and children, and how legal institutions and other policies affect family change. I am especially interested in kinship institutions that are in flux, such as marriage and cohabitation in the contemporary United States or divorced and non-marital families. I also explore ways to improve the quality of survey data on families. In 2013 my colleagues and I added a module with family rosters to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics to provide new data on U.S. family networks. My teaching focuses on family and kinship and on population-related topics.  I am currently a member of the Committee on National Statistics of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. I am a past president of the Population Association of America and have held elected offices in the American Sociological Association’s sections on family (which I chaired) and population.


Ph. D., University of Michigan


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