Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy

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Joseph Murphy is a current second year whose research interests include stratification, education, and race. Specifically, he is interested in the development of a college-going habitus among potential first-generation students and how the development or inhibition of this habitus leads students to enroll in, persist through, and finish college or to not enroll or leave college before earning a degree.

He is currently drowning in quantitative research using the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 to examine associations between mobilization of college knowledge through institutional agents and college completion.


  • B.S. Sociology | Clemson University – 2018

Fields of Study

Social Stratification and Mobility; Education; Race

Awards & Grants

  • AIR NCES Data Institute Fellow (2020)
  • Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship (2019-2023)
  • UCLA Competitive Edge (2019)

Conference Presentations

  • Benson, L., Bolding, C., Ogle, J.H., McGough, C., Murphy, J., and Lanning, R. (2019, June). Engineering Students’ Perceptions of Belongingness in Civil Engineering. In ASEE 2019 Annual Conference.
  • Brisbane, J., Gallagher, E., Hines, A., Murphy, J., Dunwoody, L.A., Patel, K., Roberson, S., and Gramopadhye, A. (2019, April). Familial Influences Affecting Student Pathways to Engineering and Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions.In 2019 ASEE Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity.
  • Murphy, J., Hines, A., and Gallagher, E. (2019, March) The Impact of Extra-Familial Relationships on STEM Major Selection. In South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research 31 st Annual Conference.
  • Brisbane, J., Gallagher, E., Pfirman, A., Patel, K., Murphy, J., and Hines, A. (2019, March). Family and Fictive Family Influences on Engineering Students at Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions. In South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research 31 st  Annual Conference.
  • Marcanikova, M. Gallagher, E., Brown, C., Brisbane, J., Brown, A., Dunwoody, L.A., Frady, K., Hines, A., Murphy, J., Patel, K., Pfirman, A., Roberson, S., and Gramopadhye, A. (2019, March). High School Technology as a Non-Predictor of First College Math Course. In 2019 ASEE-SE Annual Meeting.
  • Coleman, M.; Gnegy, K.; Hayes, M.; Johnson, L.; Lambert, V.; Murphy, J.; Pearson, C.; Tennie, B.; Walling, M.; and Prieto, V. (2018, April). Southern life expectancy: Assessing the sex and race gap between states and over time. In Conference Proceedings of the Southern Sociological Society 2018 Annual Meeting.


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