Jason Sexton

Jason Sexton


Office: UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, 619 Charles E. Young Drive East, LaKretz Hall – Suite 300

Email: jasonsexton@ucla.edu

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Jason S. Sexton is a social theorist who studies internal structural commitments of communities and their members and how these relate to assumed cultural and theological norms that show up in social and ethical action. His research focuses closely on California and its culture, the prison and its governance structures, contemporary religion/theology, and on convergent points where these subjects intersect.

His scholarly work has been published in academic journals like International Journal of Public Theology, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, Political Theology, ReligionsEcclesial Practices: Journal of Ecclesiology and EthnographyPunishment and SocietyMission StudiesJournal of Theological Interpretation, among others. Contributions in religious studies led to his elected role as President of the largest, most diverse regional body of the American Academy of Religion, the Western Region. And his contributions to California studies led to his appointment as the recent Editor of the UC Press-published journal, Boom California. His academic writing has been published by presses like Routledge and Bloomsbury, while his popular writing has appeared in the LA TimesSF ChronicleZocalo Public Square, Los Angeles Review of Books, HarperCollins, among others.

Prior to joining the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA, he was the Interim State University Associate Dean of Academic Programs and a Visiting Fellow at the UC Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion.


PhD, University of St Andrews


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“Can Theology Engage with California’s Culture?” in Theology and California: Theological Refractions on California’s Culture, ed. Fred Sanders and Jason S. Sexton (New York: Routledge, 2014), 35-67.


Awards & Grants

  • £28,500 for “Theological and Scientific Roots of Mass Incarceration,” a Science-Engaged Theology initiative, “New Visions in Theological Anthropology,” University of St Andrews, Scotland (funded by the John Templeton Foundation), 2020-2022.
  • $29,167 for “A Church Inside the Prison: An Intersectional and Personal Theological Account,” The Louisville Institute (Lilly), January 1-July 31, 2020.
  • $50,000 from Fieldstead and Co. for “The California Dream in Theological Perspective,” 2019-2020, Cal State University, Fullerton.
  • $2,000 for “The California Undocumented Body A working day conference on Understanding and Practicing California theological anthropology,” American Academy of Religion Regional Development Grant, 2018.
  • $1,000 for “Undocumented California” series in Boom California, California Historical Society, Fall 2017.