Ivan Szelenyi

Ivan Szelenyi

Professor Emeritus

Email: iszeleny@ucla.edu

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I am working in two areas: social stratification and class analysis, and urban-rural sociology.

Most of my research in the first area explores the unique sources of social inequalities in socialist societies. I have a long standing interest in class formation under state socialism, and have paid particular attention to the origins of the new entrepreneurial class and the strategies of the old elites to converge (preserve?) their old privileges. My current work examines changes in class structure in Eastern Europe with the transition to post-communism. I have a long-standing interest in the theory of the New Class, including its applicability to Western societies. My work in urban sociology focuses on Eastern Europe, examining whether socialism makes a difference in patterns of urbanization, urban ecological structures and systems of housing allocation.


Ph. D., Hungarian Academy of Science


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