Lynne Zucker


Contact Information

Office  241c Haines Hall
Phone  310-825-9155

Organization theory, institutional structure and process, knowledge generation and transfer, comparative international institutions, industrial productivity.



Ph. D., Stanford University


NSF NIRT to construct NanoBank, 2003-2007

UCLA International Institute, 2003-2006
Extend Nanotech research program to other countries. Collaboration with NIRT team.

UC Industry-University Collaborative Research Program, 2002-2004. Understanding the role of UC and other California Universities in the generation and success of the nanotechnolgy industry in California; comparative with other high tech areas of US.

Selected Publications

"Intellectual Human Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises," American Economic Review, March 1998, 88(1): 290-306. (With Michael R. Darby, and Marilynn B. Brewer)

"Geographically Localized Knowledge: Spillovers or Markets?", Economic Inquiry, January 1998, 36(1): 65-86. (Witch Michael R. Darby and Jeff Armstrong)

"Star Scientists and Institutional Transformation: Patterns of Invention and Innovation in the Formation of the Biotechnology Industry." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 12, 1996, 93 (23): 12, 709-12, 716 (With Michael R. Darby)

"Production of Trust: Institutional Sources of Economic Structure, 184-1920," Research in Organizational Behavior, 1986.