Duane Champagne

Professor Emeritus


Contact Information

Email    champagn@ucla.edu
Office  292 Haines Hall
Phone  310-825-2606
My interests focus on processes of social change and institutionalization.

Empirically, I have looked at institutional change and variation among native American societies and their social, economic and political responses to Western influences (i.e. incorporation into the world system, geopolitical competition and trans-societal cultural interactions). Other related interests include theory, historical and comparative analysis, and fieldwork.


Ph. D., Harvard University

Selected Publications

American Indian Societies: Strategies and Conditions of Political and Cultural Survival, Cambridge, MA: Cultural Survival Inc. 1989. 

Social Order and Political Change: Constitutional Governments among the Cherokee, The Choctaw, and Chickasaw and the Creek, Stanford University, 1992. 

Social Change and Cultural Continuity Among Native Nations. Lanham, MD. AltaMIra Press, 2007 

Notes From the Center of Turtle Island. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, 2010.

Captured Justice:  Native Nations Under Public Law 280.  Durham, NC:  Carolina Academic Press, 2012.