Undergraduate Program Updates & Announcements

In an effort to keep everyone informed, we will post important department updates & announcements here. All announcements posted here have also been sent out via email to all registered Pre-Sociology and Sociology majors. If you have any questions feel free to email Dreama or Simbi for more informaiton. Please be sure to include all relevant info, including your 9 digit university ID number.



Just sending a reminder that any course with a New Students Only or New Transfers Only restriction is not available to continuing students. There are course notes which state these courses are restricted to students enrolling via orientation between July 8th-Sept 13th. You may notice spots opening and closing in these courses over summer, but they are not available to continuing students. You will only be able to enroll in a course that does not have this type of restriction. Please be careful because if you drop a course with the intent of enrolling in a course or a new discussion with a restriction, we cannot add you back to your original course.  


Please pay attention to all course restrictions and all courses notes (example shown below). After Sept 13th all course restrictions will be removed.