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Kristin Liao

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Being trained as a social demographer, my research focuses on the stratification and mobility of immigrants and other sociodemographic minorities, with a particular interest in inequalities in the labor market and higher education.  My work (coauthored with Prof. Andres Villarreal) “Unequal Effects of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Employment: Differences by Race/Ethnicity and Immigrant Status” is recently published in PLoS ONE.

The topics I am currently studying include 1) return to higher education among immigrant workers in the US labor market, 2) immigrant integration from the perspective of daily time use, and 3) gender difference in nighttime use related to social inequality.


M.A. Sociology, UCLA, 2022

LL.B. Sociology (Distinguished), Fudan University, 2020

Fields of Study

Social Demography, Immigration, Stratification/Mobility, Quantitative Methods


Liao, Kristin and André​s Villarreal. 2022. “Unequal Effects of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Employment: Differences by Race/Ethnicity and Immigrant Status”. PLoS One. 17(11): e0277005.

Awards & Grants

Silton Undergraduate Research Mentor Award 2022

UCLA Sociology Service Award 2022

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, 2022

Pearl Wang Fellowship, UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2021-2022

UCLA Grad Division Fellowship, 2020-2021

Conference Presentations

“Assimilating or Diverging? Generational Differences in Time Use of Asian American and Hispanic Immigrant Youth”
– California Sociological Association 2022 Annual Meeting, November 2022

“Unequal Effects of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Employment: Differences by Race/Ethnicity and Immigrant Status”
– Population Association of America 2022 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2022

“The Frustrated Achievers: Imbalanced Development of Rural Students at Urban Elite University”
– Shanghai Sociology Association Annual Conference, Shanghai, November 2019
– Yangtze Delta Seminar of Social Survey, Shanghai, November 2018


Jennie Brand, Andres Villarreal


Andres Villarreal