Grad Students

Zep Kalb

Contact Information

Office  Not Available

Fields of Study

Political Sociology, Historical Sociology, Social Movements, Labor, Middle East


“Economic Reform and Opposition in Iran after the Nuclear Deal.” Oxford Middle East Review, 1/1 (2017): 24–29 

“Neither Dulati nor Khosusi: Islam, Education and Civil Society in Post-1989 Iran,” Iranian Studies 50/4 (2017): 575 – 600

“Journalism at Work: Labor and Media in Iran,” Center for Global Communication Studies Publication, University of Pennsylvania (2017)

“Not about, but for Workers: Media, Labour and Politics in Post-2009 Iran,” Iran Namag, 2/2 (2017).

Grants and Awards

Middle East Centre, Oxford       -        Hadid Studentship (2016-17)

Oxford University                       -        Azizeh Sheibani Essay Prize (2016)

Univ. of Pennsylvania                -         Iran Media Program Grant (2016)

Univ. of Tehran                           -         Presidential Scholarship in Iranian Studies (2014–15)

SOAS, Univ. of London              -         Kamran Djam Scholarship (2012–13)


M.Litt., Middle Eastern Studies, Oxford

M.A., Iranian Studies, Tehran University

B.A., Economics, SOAS