Grad Students

Summer Lopez Colorado

Contact Information

Office  Haines 209

Fields of Study

Race and Ethnicity; International Migration; Carcerality; Disability in Society; Urban and Suburban Community Sociology; Education; Grieving and Trauma; Quantitative and Interview-Based Mixed Methods

Grants and Awards

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship ~ 2018-2021

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program (UCLA) ~ 2019

Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship (UCLA)

Graduate Dean's Scholar Award (UCLA)

Ronald E. McNair Scholar (Cornell U.) 

Conference Presentations

"Tracing the Contours of Sexual Legal Violence: Criminal Justice Intervention, Durable Disadvantage, and Within-Group Stratification in the NYC Sex Trade" Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting, San Francisco, August 2020, (Accepted for regular paper session, but cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic). 

“Biracial Black Identity, Educational Attainment, and the Legacy of the One-Drop Rule” Population Association of America Annual Meeting in Denver, CO April 2018. (Poster Session)

“A Reforming Color Line: Measures of Multiracial Populations and Educational Inequality” American Sociological Association Annual Conference in Montreal, QC August 2017. (Roundtable Session)


Vilma Ortiz; Cecilia Menjívar


B.A. Sociology, cum laude, Cornell University (2018)