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Bowei Hu

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Fields of Study

Social Stratification and Inequality, Education, Comparative Political Economy, Organizations


Lin, Kuan-Hui, Thung-Hong Lin, Bowei Hu, Yi-Chung Chang, Chin-Hsun Yeh, Gee-Yu Liu and Chuang-Han Chan, 2017, “Earthquake, Housing Damage, and Fatality: A Causal-effect Analysis of Seismic Risk in Chi- Chi Earthquake”, City and Planning 44(1):83-112. (in Chinese)

Lin, Thung-Hong and Bowei Hu, 2017, “Size Matters: the Causes and Consequences of the Expansion of Taiwanese Business Groups” Pp. 231-268, edited by Zong-Rong Lee and Thung-Hong Lin, Unfinished Miracle: Taiwan’s Economic and Social Transition, Taipei: Academia Sinica. (in Chinese)

Lin, Thung-hong and Bowei Hu. "Subcontractors' Dilemma: The Expansion of Taiwanese Firms, 2002-2015." (forthcoming)


Hu, Bowei and Thung-hong Lin. "The Politics of Financialization and Income Inequality" (preparing for submission)

Conference Presentations

Hu, Bowei and Thunghong Lin. 2018.  "The Politics of Financialization and Income Inequality", paper presented at ASA, SASE and ICSA.



Thung-hong Lin, Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.


M.A. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (2015)