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Bowei Hu

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Fields of Study

Economic Sociology, Social Stratification, Organizations


Lin, Kuan-Hui, Thung-Hong Lin, Bowei Hu, Yi-Chung Chang, Chin-Hsun Yeh, Gee-Yu Liu and Chuang-Han Chan, 2017, “Earthquake, Housing Damage, and Fatality: A Causal-effect Analysis of Seismic Risk in Chi- Chi Earthquake”, City and Planning 44(1):83-112. (in Chinese)

Lin, Thung-Hong and Bowei Hu, 2017, “Size Matters: the Causes and Consequences of the Expansion of Taiwanese Business Groups” Pp. 231-268, edited by Zong-Rong Lee and Thung-Hong Lin, Unfinished Miracle: Taiwan’s Economic and Social Transition, Taipei: Academia Sinica. (in Chinese)

Lin, Thung-hong and Bowei Hu. "Subcontractors' Dilemma: The Expansion of Taiwanese Firms, 2002-2015." (forthcoming)


Hu, Bowei and Thung-hong Lin. "The Politics of Financialization and Income Inequality" (preparing for submission)


Thung-hong Lin, Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.


M.A. University of California, Los Angeles (2020)
M.A. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (2015)