Grad Students

Antwann Michael Simpkins

Contact Information

Office  Haines A56

Fields of Study

Carcerality; Black Feminist Thought; Race and Ethnicity; Law and Society; Critical Race Theory; Gender; Urban and Suburban Sociology; Historical Sociology 

Methods Specialization: Archival Ethnography; Geographic Information Systems


The Pursuit of Happiness: Black Women, Diasporic Dreams, and the Politics of Emotional Transnationalism. Bianca C. Williams. Duke University Press, 2018 in The Journal of Latin American and Carribean Anthropology Vol 25, Isse no 4 p.653-655 (Book Review)
"Here to Stay in the Bay!": The Politics of Vestibularity, Black Trans Women of Jamaica, Gendered Duress, and the Work of Recognition in Gender, Health, and Society in Latin American and the Caribbean
Apparitions in the Theory: How the Sciences Cause Race and Gender to Matter in the Twenty-first Century in The University of California, Irvine Law Review
Under Siege: Black Women, the Choreography of Law, and the Public Carceral Sphere in escholarship open access publications from the University of California


C.Phil., UCLA, Sociology

M.A., UCLA, Sociology

M.A., UCLA, African American Studies

B.A., Morehouse College, African American Studies, Phi Beta Kappa