Zsuzsa Berend

Academic Administrator


Contact Information

Email    berend@soc.ucla.edu
Office  293 Haines Hall
Phone  310-825-7672


Ph. D., Columbia University

Selected Publications

"'The Best Or None!' Spinsterhood in Nineteenth-Century New England," Journal of Social History, Vol. 33. No.4 (Summer 2000):935-957

"'Written All Over With Money' Earning, Spending, and Emotion in the Alcott Family," Journal of Historical Sociology, Vol. 16. No. 2 (June 2003):209-236

"Surrogate Losses: Understandings of Pregnancy Loss and Assisted Reproduction among Surrogate Mothers," Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Vol. 24, Issue 2 May/June 2010):240-262.

The Romance of Surrogacy, Sociological Forum (2012) Vol. 27, no. 4: 913-936

Surrogate Losses and Failed Conceptions among American Surrogate Mothers, in: Understanding Reproductive Loss, edited by Sarah Earle, Carol Komaromy, and Linda Layne. Surrey, England: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

The Social Context of Surrogates’ Motivations and Satisfaction. Commentary, Reproductive Biomedicine Online (2114), Vol.24, no. 4:399-401

The Online World of Surrogacy, forthcoming (Berghahn Books)