William Mason

Professor Emeritus


Contact Information

Email    masonwm@ucla.edu
Office  264 Haines Hall
Phone  310-825-1313


Ph. D., University of Chicago (Joint with Social Statistics Program)

Selected Publications

  “Maternal Education and Health-Related Behaviors: A Preliminary Analysis of the 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey,” (with Elizabeth Frankenberg), Journal of Population, 1995, Volume 1, Number 1, pp. 21-44. 

“Nongcun shequ funu diwei de shizheng yanjiu'' [An Empirical Study of Women's Status in a Rural Community] (with Lei Weili, Luo Chun, Lu Zhaohe, Zhang Zhen, and Li Jiang Hong), Renkou Xuekan [Population Journal (Jilin)], June, 1995, Volume 3, pp. 17-25. 

“Comment,'' Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Special Issue: Hierarchical Linear Models: Problems and Prospects, Summer, 1995, Volume 20, Number 2, pp. 221-227. 

“The Decline of Infant Mortality in China: Sichuan 1949-1988'' (with William Lavely, Hiromi Ono and Angelique Chan), in James Baron, David Grusky, and Donald Treiman (eds.), Social Differentiation and Social Inequality: Theoretical and Empirical Inquiries, Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1996, pp. 153-207.


Social demography, quantitative methodology. Current research: infant and child mortality in China, methodology of multilevel analysis.