Jeffrey Guhin

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office  296 Haines Hall
Phone  (310) 206-8660
I am interested in how moral life works, especially in schools and religious groups.

Why do people care about what they care about? Why are certain issues extremely important to communities and others basically ignored? I study how moral concern works on both the individual and the collective level, especially as it relates to issues of science, gender, and economic inequality. I have two current projects on these themes, both of which will be books with various accompanying articles. The first is based on my dissertation research in two Sunni Muslim and two Evangelical Christian high schools in the New York City area. The second is based on fieldwork and interviews in two public high schools each in New York City, San Diego, and Charlotte, NC.  I also have ongoing interests in ethnographic and qualitative methods, the study of religion as a category, and Islamic Studies. My next project will mostly likely use conversation analysis, ethnography, and family visits to study schooling in seven global cities.


PhD, Yale 2013

BA, Loyola New Orleans 2003