Gabriel Rossman

Associate Professor and Vice Chair

Contact Information

Email    rossman@soc.ucla.edu
Office  287 Haines Hall
Phone  310-206-8904
I study cultural industries (radio and film) and economic sociology (diffusion and disreputable exchange).

My recently completed project was about using radio to understand diffusion processes, particularly through approaches that aggregate information across many innovations rather than treating them one at a time. My current work explores how people render palatable what would otherwise be morally disreputable exchange. I also have side projects on the film industry and gourmet food trucks.


PhD, Princeton University


National Science Foundation. (SES-0724914).

"Sustaining and Disruptive Innovation: Drawing Lessons from the Radio Industry."  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Industry Studies Fellowship.

Selected Publications

 "Obfuscatory Relational Work and Disreputable Exchange." 2014. Sociological Theory.

"The Diffusion of the Legitimate and the Diffusion of Legitimacy." 2014. Sociological Science.

"Close, But No Cigar: The Bimodal Rewards to Prize-Seeking." (with Oliver Schilke). 2014. American Sociological Review

Climbing the Charts: What Radio Airplay Tells Us about the Diffusion of Innovation. Princeton University Press. 2012. 

"I'd Like to Thank the Academy, Team Spillovers, and Network Centrality." (with Nicole Esparza and Phil Bonacich). 2010. American Sociological Review

"Modeling Diffusion of Multiple Innovations via Multilevel Diffusion Curves" (with Ming Ming Chiu and Joeri Mol). 2008. Sociological Methodology

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