Chris Zepeda-Millan

Associate Professor

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Office  6383 Public Affairs Bldg
Associate Professor

Chris Zepeda-Millan is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Public Policy and Chicana/o & Central American Studies, with joint appointments in Sociology, Labor Studies, and Political Science. His research focuses on issues related to race, immigration, labor, and political activism.


  • PhD, Government, Cornell University
  • MA, Government, Cornell University
  • BA, Political Science & Chicana/o Studies, Loyola Marymount University


  • Charles Tilly Distinguished Contribution to Research Book Award, American Sociological Association's Collective Behavior & Social Movements Section
  • Ralph Bunche Book Award, American Political Science Association
  • Best Book on Race & Immigration Award, American Political Science Association's Race, Ethnicity & Politics Section                             

Selected Publications

  • Walls, Cages and Family Separation: Race and Immigration Policy in the Trump Era (Cambridge University Press, 2020) with Sophia Wallace
  • Latino Mass Mobilization: Immigration, Racialization, and Activism
    (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
  • “Do Latinos Still Support Immigrant Rights Activism? Examining Latino Attitudes a Decade After the 2006 Protest Wave.”
    With Sophia Jordán Wallace. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS), 2019
  • “Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights Under Trump.”
    With Sophia Jordán Wallace. In Charting the Resistance: The Emergence of the Movement Against President Donald Trump. Eds. Sidney Tarrow and David Mayer, Oxford University Press, 2018
  • “The Political Effects of Having Undocumented Parents: How Parental Illegality Impacts the Political Behavior of their U.S.-Born Children.”
    With Alex Street and Michael Jones-Correa. Political Research Quarterly, 2017
  • “The Impact of Large-Scale Collective Action on Latino Perceptions of Commonality and Competition with African-Americans.”
    With Michael Jones-Correa and Sophia Jordán Wallace. Social Science Quarterly (SSQ), 2016
  • “Weapons of the (Not So) Weak: Immigrant Mass Mobilization in the U.S. South.”
    Critical Sociology, 2016
  • “Mass Deportation and the Future of Latino Partisanship.”
    With Alex Street and Michael Jones-Correa. Social Science Quarterly (SSQ), 2015
  • “Perceptions of Threat, Demographic Diversity, and the Framing of Illegality: Explaining (non)Participation in New York’s 2006 Immigrant Protests.”
    Political Research Quarterly (PRQ), 2014
  • “Spatial and Temporal Proximity: Examining the Effects of Protests on Political Attitudes.”
    With Sophia Jordán Wallace and Michael Jones-Correa. American Journal of Political Science (AJPS), 2014
  • “Triangulation in Social Movement Research.”
    With Phil M. Ayoub and Sophia Jordán Wallace. Methodological Practices In Social Movement Research. Donatella della Porta (Ed.), Oxford University Press, 2014