International Migration

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Working group coordinators 2021-22: Adrian Bacong (Public Health), Nathan Hoffmann (Sociology), Eddie Painter (Geography), Jieun Park (Political Science), and Heidi West (Public Health)

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Fall 2021 Schedule

Thursday, October 7, 12-1:30pm

Practice Job Talk (Zoom)
Chiara Galli: "Coming of Age under the Gaze of the State: The Stalled Life-Course Transitions of Teenaged Asylum-Seekers"

Friday, October 8, 11:30am-1pm

Practice Job Talk (Zoom)
Molly Fee: "'Resettled into Poverty': Commodification, Trauma, and the Politics of Refugee Resettlement"

Friday, November 5, 11am-12pm

Paper Workshop (Haines 279)
Adrian Bacong: “Immigration and the Life Course: Implications for the Health and Wellbeing of Older Adult Immigrants”
Discussant: Catherine Crooke

Thursday, November 18, 3-4pm

R&R Paper Workshop (Haines 279)
Catherine Crooke: "U.S. Asylum Lawyering and Temporal Violence" 
Discussant: Nathan Hoffmann

Thursday, December 2, 3-4pm

Paper Workshop (Haines 279)
Nathan Hoffmann: "Strangers in the Homeland? The Academic Performance of Children of Return Migrants in Mexico"
Discussant: Adrian Bacong