International Migration

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Working group coordinators 2021-22: Adrian Bacong (Public Health), Nathan Hoffmann (Sociology), Eddie Painter (Geography), Jieun Park (Political Science), and Heidi West (Public Health)

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Winter 2022 Schedule

Friday, January 21 at 11am

Qiaoyan Li Rosenberg (Sociology): “The Control and Agency Dialectic of Guest Worker Program: Evidence from Chinese construction workers in Japan’s TITP”

Discussant: Eddie Painter


Thursday, February 3 at 11am

Ellen Van Damme (CSIM): book review for Border Nation: A Story of Migration by Leah Cowan 

(this book is available online through the UCLA library)

Discussant: Iris Ramirez


Thursday, February 10 at 11am

Iris Ramirez (Chicana/o Studies): “Central American Migrant Women in Los Angeles Sweatshops Then & Now” 

Discussant: Heidi West


Friday, February 18 at 11am

Eddie Painter (Geography): “Administratively Local, Physically Distant: Analysis of Hukou policy in Chongqing”

Discussant: Qiaoyan Li Rosenberg


Thursday, March 3 at 11am

Heidi West (Public Health): “Healthcare utilization for families left behind:  A cross-country analysis of the effects of spousal migration”

Discussant: Ellen Van Damme