Conversation Analysis

The CA Working Group continues to foster the growing community of conversation analytic scholars through a facilitation of scholarly exchange between faculty and graduate students within the Department. We are proud of our relations with other Sociology Working Groups and with the broader UCLA community. Our working group continues to attract language and social interaction scholars from a range of allied departments and centers at the University. 

Our primary goal is to establish and strengthen ties between graduate students and faculty working in our field within the Department of Sociology.  At present the CA faculty have a range of courses and data analysis seminars detailing the substance and methodology of conversation analysis. The working group is distinctive in providing a forum in which students can try out ideas for potential publications, showcase their own data sets, and test run relatively developed papers for conferences and symposia.  Correspondingly, the working group provides students and faculty with an opportunity to witness and provide critical feedback on works in progress by faculty and other scholars.  


Winter 2018 Events


Thursday, January 11th:

Alexandra Tate

PhD Candidate, UCLA Dept. of Sociology
"Mobilizing certainty in medicine: A resource for securing treatment acceptance"
5:00-6:30pm, Haines 279


Thursday, February 1st:

Video Data collection for conversation analysis

A round-table workshop featuring graduate students with a 
range of expertise "in the field" and UCLA faculty experts:
Chuck Goodwin (Dept. of Communication)
Candy Goodwin (Dept. of Anthropology)
Tanya Stivers (Dept. of Sociology)

5:00-6:30pm, Location TBA


Thursday, February 22nd:

Keith Cox

PhD Student, UCLA Dept. of Sociology
"Contingency planning in primary care medical visits"
5:00-6:30pm, Location TBA


Thursday, March 8th:

Luis Manuel Olguin

PhD Student, UCLA Dept. of Sociology
"Counting cash in the service of payment accountability"
5:00-6:30pm, Location TBA



2017-2018 Past Speakers


Elliott Hoey
Post-doctoral Researcher, Loughborough University

John Heritage & Amanda McArthur
Distinguished Professor, UCLA Dept. of Sociology; PhD Student, UCLA Dept. of Sociology

Amparo Garcia-Ramon
PhD Candidate, Spanish Philology, University of Valencia