Approved Sociology Upper Division Electives

*NOTE: This list is effective for Spring 2019 and on. Any student who took a previously approved course (which no longer appears on this new list) before or during Winter 2019 will be honored. Any student wishing to take a course that previously was approved (which no longer appears on the new list) in Spring 2019 or later will need a new petition. 

4 out of the 5 required Sociology upper-division electives can be taken outside of the UCLA Sociology department (UCEAP, other UC courses, other UCLA departments, UCLA Extension etc.). Below you will find a list of UCLA courses that have been approved as Sociology upper-division electives. Please contact Natalie or Simbi for questions related to UCEAP courses applying to Sociology major electives.

If you have already completed (or enrolled in) a course that appears below, please email either Natalie ( or Simbi ( with your UID # and course information.

PETITIONS: If you wish to petition a course that doesn’t appear below, first check with either Natalie or Simbi to see if the course has been denied in the past. If the course has never been petitioned or its petition has expired, send either Natalie or Simbi an email with the course syllabus, and a 1-2 paragraph justification of how and why the course reflects an analytical social scientific perspective. You may choose to highlight the course readings from sociology journals or books written by sociologists, sociological theories applied in the course, or similarities between courses offered in the Sociology department and the course you are petitioning. Note that it is not enough that a course engages with similar topics as sociology courses but that it reflects a perspective closely paralleling sociology. For instance, classes that use literary analysis to explore social dynamics or understand a social group may provide an interesting perspective, but not a sociological one, and so such classes will be rejected. It takes approximately 2-3 business days for a petition to be reviewed, and you will be notified of the result via email.

NOTE: A number of approved courses are variable topics (for example Anthro 139), meaning you must have taken the exact course (title) as it appears below. These courses will have the title of the course in (parentheses) after the course number. Courses with the same number but a different title require their own petition.


African American Studies M102/Asian American Studies M160/Honors Collegium M102

African American Studies M114C/Political Science 180A/Labor & Workplace Studies M114C

African American Studies M114E/Political Science M180C

African American Studies M120/Public Policy M120

African American Studies M144/Political Science M182

African American Studies M154C/Political Science M184B

African American Studies M158B/History M150B

African American Studies 188A (Africa and the World)

African American Studies 188A (Afro-Indigenous History: From Enslavement and Settlement to BLM and Indigenous Sovereignty)

African American Studies 188A (Black Political Thought and the Obama Presidency)

African American Studies 188A (Race, Politics and Transformation in early African American Political Thought)

African American Studies 188A (Racism and Visions of Justice)

African American Studies 188A (The Long Civil Rights Movement)

African American Studies C191 (African Americans in Higher Education)

African American Studies C191 (African American and Latino Relations in the U.S.)

African American Studies C191 (Black Culture, Black Protest)


Anthropology 130

Anthropology 137P (Anthropology of Deviance and Abnormality)

Anthropology 138P

Anthropology 139 (Cross- and Intra-Cultural Perspectives and Understandings of Disability)

Anthropology 139 (Medical Anthropology)

Anthropology 139 (Theories of Basic Types of Social Organization)

Anthropology 140

Anthropology 147 (Development Anthropology)

Anthropology 149 (Careers in Anthropology)

Anthropology 149 (Ecology of Crime) (Formerly 157)

Anthropology 149 (Gender and Militarism)

Anthropology 149 (Social Debates and Popular Culture in Israel)

Anthropology M149E/Applied Linguistics M125

Anthropology 157 (Religion and Urbanism)

Anthropology 157 (Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships)

Anthropology 159 (Language and Youth Subculture)

Anthropology 179 (Anthropology of the Mediterranean)


Applied Linguistics M125/Anthropology M149E


Arabic M107/Islamic Studies M107/Religion M107


Armenian 120


Asian American Studies 103

Asian American Studies 113

Asian American Studies 115

Asian American Studies M119/Labor and Workplace Studies M119

Asian American Studies M129/Community Health Sciences M140

Asian American Studies 133

Asian American Studies 170

Asian American Studies 171A

Asian American Studies 174A

Asian American Studies 174B

Asian American Studies 187C (Special Courses in Asian American Populations and Communities – Southeast Asian Refugee Communities)


Chicana and Chicano Studies 101

Chicana and Chicano Studies CM106/Public Health M106

Chicana and Chicano Studies 113

Chicana and Chicano Studies 120

Chicana and Chicano Studies M122/ Labor and Workplace Studies M122/Urban Planning M171

Chicana and Chicano Studies M125/Labor and Workplace Studies M125

Chicana and Chicano Studies M128/Labor and Workplace Studies M128

Chicana and Chicano Studies 148

Chicana and Chicano Studies 153A

Chicana and Chicano Studies 153B

Chicana and Chicano Studies M155B/Political Science M181B

Chicana and Chicano Studies M156A/Labor and Workplace Studies M166A/Asian American Studies M166A

Chicana and Chicano Studies 157

Chicana and Chicano Studies 166

Chicana and Chicano Studies 168A

Chicana and Chicano Studies M173/Labor and Workplace Studies M173/African American Studies M173

Chicana and Chicano Studies 188 (Youth, Culture, and Social Change)

Chicana and Chicano Studies 191 (Exploring Unequal Los Angeles: Race and Place)


Civic Engagement 170SL (formerly 133SL)


Communication 106

Communication 107

Communication 114

Communication 140

Communication 158

Communication 160


Community Health Sciences M140/Asian American Studies M129

Community Health Sciences 179


Digital Humanities 150 (Algorithms and Protocols in Cyberspace)

Digital Humanities 150 (Coding for Humanists)


Disability Studies M121/Gender M121 (Sex and Consent: Yes Means Yes, Right?)

Disability Studies M125/Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies M125


Disability Studies M171/Honors Collegium M170


Economics 107


Education 130

Education 133

Education 162

Education 187 (Educational Perspectives of Relational Practices in Modern Medicine)

Education 191A (Identities Related to Immigration and Citizenship)

Education 191A (Race and Gender)

Education 191A (Race, Class and Sexuality)

Education 194A/African American Studies 194A

Education M194C


Gender Studies M114/Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies M114

Gender M121/Disability Studies M121 (Sex and Consent: Yes Means Yes, Right?)

Gender Studies M165/Psychology M165

Gender Studies 185 (Cultures of Consumption)

Gender Studies 185 (Gender, Law and Health)

Gender Studies 185 (Gender, Religion and Social Movements in Korea)

Gender Studies 185 (Performing Health: Transnational Perspectives)

Gender Studies 185 (Sporting Bodies)

Gender Studies 185 (Theorizing Radical Future: Queer of Color Critique and Cultural Production)

Gender Studies 185 (Trauma and Culture)

Gender Studies 185 (Women of Color in Social Movements)


Geography 143

Geography 144

Geography 151

Geography 184


Gerontology M140/Social Welfare M140/Psychology M140


Global Health 100

Global Health 191 (Comparative Perspectives in Ethics and Politics of Health Care)


Global Studies 100B

Global Studies 191 (Nationalism Resurgent: Nation and Identity in the Global Age)


History M122E/Art History M127C

History 131A

History 140C

History 142D

History 144

History M144C/Asian American Studies M171D

History 148 (Introduction to Public/Applied History)

History M150B/African American Studies M158B

History M150C/ African American Studies M158C

History M151B/Chicana and Chicano Studies M159B

History 162A

History 172B

History 174F

History M174G/Asian American Studies M172

History C187N (Capitalism in South East Asia)

History 191D (Mass Incarceration)


Honors Collegium M102/African American Studies M102/Asian American Studies M160

Honors Collegium 105

Honors Collegium 113

Honors Collegium 119 (Hollywood & Cultural Diversity)

Honors Collegium 131

Honors Collegium 136

Honors Collegium 140


Information Studies 180 (Algorithms and Activism)


International Development Studies 110 (formerly 100A)

International Development Studies M120 (formerly M100B)


International Migration Studies 155


Iranian M105C/Religion M105C


Islamic Studies M107/Religion M107/Arabic M107

Islamic Studies M110/Religion M109


Jewish Studies 177 (American-Israeli Encounters) 

Korean 153

Korean 172


Labor and Workplace Studies 101

Labor and Workplace Studies M114C/Political Science 180A/African American Studies M114C

Labor and Workplace Studies M119/Asian American Studies M119

Labor and Workplace Studies M122/Chicana and Chicano Studies M122/Urban Planning M171

Labor and Workplace Studies M125/Chicana and Chicano Studies M125

Labor and Workplace Studies M128/Chicana and Chicano Studies M128

Labor and Workplace Studies 140

Labor and Workplace Studies M166A/Chicana and Chicano Studies M156A/Asian American Studies M166

Labor and Workplace Studies M173/African American Studies M173/Chicano Studies M173

Labor and Workplace Studies 188 (Social Movements and Labor)

Labor and Workplace Studies 188 (La Doméstica: Race, Class, and Gender in Domestic Work)


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies M114/Gender Studies M114

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies M125/Disability Studies M125

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies 180SL


Life Science M174/ Psychology M174


Middle Eastern Studies 177 (Iran and Israel, 1948 to 2015: from Allies to Adversaries)

Middle Eastern Studies M178/Religion M178 (offered S18 w/ Sadeghi)

Middle Eastern Studies M178/Religion M178 (Settlement in Israeli History)


Music Industry 101


Political Science 113A

Political Science 116B

Political Science 139 (Globalization and Middle East)

Political Science 139 (Politics of Migration)

Political Science 154B

Political Science 159B

Political Science M167C/International Development Studies M120 (Formerly M100B)

Political Science 180A/Labor & Workplace Studies M114C/African American Studies M114C

Political Science M180C/African American Studies M114E

Political Science 181A

Political Science M181B/Chicana and Chicano Studies M155B

Political Science M182/African American Studies M144

Political Science M184B/African American Studies M154C

Political Science 191A (Political Theory: Social Movements, Populism, and Migration)


Psychology 127A

Psychology 133A

Psychology 133G

Psychology 137I

Psychology M140/Gerontology M140/Social Welfare M140

Psychology M165/Gender M165

Psychology M174/ Life Science M174

Psychology 188A (Society, Culture and Human Development)


Public Affairs 114

Public Affairs 115

Public Affairs 116

Public Affairs 120

Public Affairs 148

Public Affairs 170


Public Health M106/Chicana and Chicano Studies CM106

Public Health 150 (Fall 2018 and on)


Public Policy M120/African American Studies M120

Public Policy 191 (Civil Society & Philanthropy: The Case for Higher Education)/Social Welfare 191


Religion M105C/Iranian M105C

Religion M107/Arabic M107/Islamic Studies M107

Religion M109/Islamic Studies M110

Religion 177 (New Religious Movements in America)

Religion M178 (Settlement in Israeli History)/Middle Eastern Studies M178)

Religion M178/Middle Eastern Studies M178 (offered S18 w/ Sadeghi)


Social Welfare 102

Social Welfare M140/Psychology M140/Gerontology M140

Social Welfare 191/Public Policy 191 (Civil Society & Philanthropy: The Case for Higher Education)


Society and Genetics 101

Society and Genetics 162

Society and Genetics 164


Southeast Asian 140


Urban Planning 120

Urban Planning 141

Urban Planning M171/Chicana and Chicano Studies M122/Labor and Workplace Studies M122