2012 Commencement (entire)

Sociology’s commencement celebration occurred on Saturday, June 16th in Wilson Plaza at UCLA. Professor and Department Chair, Stefan Timmermans opened the ceremony congratulating students, with the support of their friends and families, on their impressive accomplishments.

Voices of the class of 2012 included undergraduates Beth DuFault, Nidia Gracia and Kathy Zhou. Departmental Honors were presented by Professor Zsuzsa Berend.

Introduced by Professor Timmermans, actor Kal Penn (Modi), a UCLA Sociology alumnus, provided this year’s keynote speech offering advice to students as they embark on their lives and careers after graduation.

Professor Steven Clayman presented graduate students, Dr. Christina Chin, Dr. Yuval Feinstein, Dr. Jaeeun Kim, Dr. Yana Kucheva, Dr. Taekyoon Lim, Dr. David Medina, Dr. Erica Morales, Dr. Ana Muniz, Dr. John O’Brien, Dr. Chinyere Kimberly Osuji, Dr. Marisa Pineau, Dr. Rocio Rosales, Dr. Forrest Stuart and Dr. Jenjira Jennie Yahirun, who were hooded by their faculty advisors or representatives. In addition, Professor Timmermans introduced and presented the department’s B.A. candidates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!