How Do I? ... and FAQs

During remote instruction, please email Simbi ( or Dreama ( for counseling assistance. Please do not email the general Sociology Front Office.

Department handouts/flyers can be found here:


Are there any resources on-campus dedicated to helping students in distress?

The UCLA Consultation & Response office created a large directory of resources available to students. Please visit their website to learn more. There is also a site for UCLA Basic Needs Resources. In addition, the Equity, Diveristy, and Inclusion office compiled a list of resources for students experiencing Racial Trauma.

Declare a Pre-Sociolology or Sociology major?

To be a Pre-Soc major you must have completed one of the Soc prep courses (Soc 1 or 20) with a C or higher AND have less than 90 units (excluding AP/IB). If you have more than 90 units, you no longer qualify for the Pre-Soc major. You must complete the three prep courses Soc 1, Soc 20, and one Statistics course (Political Science 6 or Statistics 10 or 13) with a C or higher in each.  Once all final grades have been uploaded to your DAR, email Dreama or Simbi to make the major change. Please contact the undergraduate advisors for further information.

Where do I go if the Sociology advisor is not available and I need help right away?

The Center for Academic Advising in the College has a full list of Letters & Science policies, petitions, and contact information. It is highly suggested to bookmark this page (

Academic Advancement Program 1209 Campbell Hall (310) 825-1481

Honors Students: A-311 Murphy Hall  (310) 825-1553

Athletics Students:  JD Morgan Center, 1st floor  (310) 825-8699

If you’re not in one of these programs, please visit College Academic Counseling ( in A-316 Murphy Hall  (310) 825-3382.  

How does Pass/No Pass grading work?

The Sociology department accepted P/NP grading for all major courses from Spring 2020 to Spring 2022. Starting Summer 2022 the department will revert back to requiring Letter Grades Only for all Sociology major courses.

How is my enrollment appointment determined? Can the dept change it?

Enrollment appointments are set based on the amount of college units a student completes. AP, IB, or any other tests do not count toward determining your enrollment appointment. Please review the breakdown shown on Registrar's website. Department counselors and College counselors cannot update this. Your pass will improve overtime as you take addtional units.

Want to get into a class when the course is closed?

You can check the Schedule of Classes ( to see if a spot becomes available on the wait list for the course.  Please note that the Sociology instructors usually let the wait list take care of itself and don’t give out Permission to Enroll (PTE) numbers. The undergrad advisors do not give out PTE numbers, please contact the professor directly. All faculty contact info can be found under the People tab.

Schedule of Classes shows the course has open spots, why can't I enroll?

Please check the Course Detail page before attempting to enroll. Either click the orange caution symbol or click the "Lec 1" link to view the entire course detail page. If you do not meet all course restrictions listed for the course, you will not be able to enroll. Course restrictions include: Pre-Soc or Soc Majors only, Soc Grads only, New Students only, New Transfers only, etc. 

I can't enroll because I am not officially a Pre-Soc/Soc major. What can I enroll in during my first pass?

If you have not completed the necessary prep courses or have yet to receive official grades for the prep courses, you cannot be declared a Pre-Soc or Soc major. Enrollment for our upper division courses (except Soc 101) is reserved for Pre-Soc or Soc majors only. Even if you plan to declare as a Soc major in the future, you will need to wait until second pass to enroll in our courses until you are officially declared a major. We recommend visiting our department's Approved Electives list. If there are any courses that do not restrict enrollment for majors on the first pass, you can enroll in that, since any of those courses would count as a Soc elective. 

How do I know which courses will be offered all year?

For a list of the tentative course offerings for the entire academic year, please review the Tentative Course Offerings page posted on our Box account. Please pay attention to the date listed on the document. Courses are subject to change. 

Get advising help?

Several people are available to advise and assist UCLA sociology majors. The department's undergraduate advisors are available to answer students' questions about department matters and help with course selections and a variety of issues pertaining to the major. 

Any non-major specific question should be directed to your College counselor (AAP, Honors, Athletics or CAC).

In addition, a Sociology College Academic Mentor is available at the Letters and Science Counseling Office. They can assist in course selection as well as study habits, time management, and more general Letters & Science questions. 

The faculty member responsible for undergraduate matters is the Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs, Professor Jessica Collett (

Faculty members are also resources for undergraduates. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of faculty availability during scheduled office hours. Office hours provide students with an opportunity to get course materials clarified, to go beyond course materials, or just to get to know professors and/or teaching assistants better.

Looking for Scholarships?

The Scholarship Resource Center offers a variety of ways to meet with students. They include:

  • (In-person) Fall 2021 drop-in scholarship counseling: Available T/W/TH 11-6pm at 233 Covel Commons on a first-come first-served basis.

What are common careers Sociology majors explore?

Our department recommends students visit the UCLA Career Center website for in-depth career advice and counseling. For a quick overview of resources their department offers, please review their info sheet. For a list of common careers that Sociology majors pursue, please review our department's common careers handout.

I would like to join clubs/organizations at UCLA. Where I can I see a list of all clubs?

The Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement website has a full list of all registered clubs and organizations on-campus. 

Who can I go to for assistance with writing papers?

If you have general questions on how to find credible sources for a research paper, would like access to academic journals, or would like to talk to a librarian any time of day, please visit the UCLA Library site. The Ask a Librarian link can connect you with someone to answer your questions. This is a 24/7 service. The Undergraduate Writing Center is another great resource for students who would like guidance on grammar, citing, or a refresher on general writing rules and tips.

I am Pre-Med/Pre-Health student. What options do I have?

“Pre-Health at UCLA” is a campus-wide initiative aimed to improve the pre-health experience at UCLA by bringing together information and opportunities for pre-health students:

Website - Information about pre-health services, application timelines and processes, and health professions. Facebook  - Upcoming events and opportunities on and off campus. Newsletter  - Sign up for a bi-weekly newsletter by creating a Handshake account and indicate “Healthcare” as one your industries

For questions or to provide feedback on the resources listed above, please email Krisztina Kecskei at

What are the add and drop deadlines?

Please visit either the Registrar's website or College Academic Counseling's website for the add and drop deadlines. If you are not a student within the College of Letters & Science (Nursing, HSSEAS, TFT, SOAA, etc) please visit your school’s counseling office. 

How do I double major or minor?

The General Catalog has a list of all of the majors and minors at UCLA,  Please visit your counseling unit to review the requirements and pick up the paperwork.  Both departments must sign off on the paperwork before it’s returned to your counselor.  For more information on double majoring please visit CAC's website (

Is it possible to enroll in more than 19 units per quarter?

Please visit your counseling unit to discuss excess unit requirements.The eligibility requirements may be found on the College Academic Counseling website ( These petitions are not approved by the Sociology dept counselors.

Can I study abroad as a Sociology major?

If you are interested in learning more about taking Sociology courses abroad, the UCLA Education Abroad Program has provided an informational webinar for your convenience ( For more information about studying abroad or to schedule a virtual advising appt, please visit the International Education Office website (