Juan D. Delgado

Juan D. Delgado

Graduate Student

Office: 103 Haines Hall

Email: jddelgado@ucla.edu

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I am currently interested in the political recognition of Afrodescendent populations in Latin America to understand how processes of nation-state formation shape the emergence of political actors, cultural categories and social groups. I draw insights from the historical sociology of state-building processes, the political sociology of institutional fields and the cultural sociology of symbolic practices.

My recent empirical work focuses on the politics of ethno-racial politicization in Colombia and Mexico. My dissertation, Race as Culture and Color: Recognizing Afrodescendent Populations in Colombia and Mexico (1970-2018), seeks to explain in comparative perspective why only some Latin American states have extended ethnoracial rights to Afrodescendent populations while others have failed to do so.

In this research, I develop a three-fold research strategy that combines data from official reports, in-depth interviews, archival sources, and ethnographic observations collected during more than 16 months of multi-sited fieldwork in central and peripheral regions of Colombia and Mexico. For this research, I use a mix-methods approach that blends archival, ethnographic and quantitative methodologies.


  • 2015  M.A. – University of California, Los Angeles – Sociology
  • 2012  M.A. – Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Sociology
  • 2005  B.A. – Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Sociology

Fields of Study

Comparative & Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Theory, Comparative Race & Ethnicity, Social Movements & Collective Behavior.

Awards & Grants

  • 2018                 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant
  • 2016-2017        IAF PhD Grassroots Development Fellowship
  • 2015                 Research Grant, Institute of American Cultures, UCLA
  • 2015                 Field Research Grant, Latin American Institute, UCLA (declined)
  • 2013-2014        Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA
  • 2012-2016        Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, UCLA
  • 2012-2014        Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, UCLA


  • Rogers Brubaker