Eleni Skaperdas

Eleni Skaperdas

Graduate Student

Office: 261A Haines Hall

Email: eleniskaperdas@ucla.edu

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  • MA in Sociology, UCLA, 2016
  • BA in Psychology, Reed College, 2011

Fields of Study

Medical Sociology, Women's Health, Knowledge, STS, Social Theory, Ethnography


  • Skaperdas, E., Tuepker, A., Nicolaidis, C., Robb, J., Kansagara, D., Hickam, D. (2014) Congestive heart failure self-management among US veterans: The role of personal and professional advocates. Patient Education and Counseling.
  • Timmermans, S., Tietbohl, C., & Skaperdas, E. (2016). Narrating Uncertainty: Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS) in Clinical Exome Sequencing. BioSocieties.
  • Tuepker, A,. Kansagara, D., Skaperdas, E., Nicolaidis, C., Joos, S., Alperin, M., Hickam, D. (2014) “We’ve not gotten even close to what we want to do”: a qualitative study of early patient-centered medical home implementation. Journal of General Internal Medicine.
  • Kansagara, D., Tuepker, A., Joos S., Nicolaidis, C., Skaperdas, E., & Hickam, D,. (2014) Getting performance metrics right: a qualitative study of staff experiences implementing and measuring practice transformation. Journal of General Internal Medicine.
  • Siple, J.F., Harris, E.A., Morey, J.M., Skaperdas, E.,Weinberg, K.L., Tuepker, A. (2015) Experiences of veterans from shared medical appointments: Barriers and motivators to self-management of diabetes. Federal Practitioner.

Awards & Grants

  • Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, Graduate Paper Award, 2017
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2016-2020
  • UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2016-2017
  • UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, 2015
  • Commendation for Excellence in Scholarship, Reed College, 2010


  • Stefan Timmermans
  • Hannah Landecker