Claire Yujie Ji

Claire Yujie Ji

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I am an international student hailing from the beautiful city of Shenzhen, China. My primary research project delves into topics of historical trauma, collective memories, indigenous agency, and emancipatory politics in the post-colonial socialist world. By adopting a comparative and transnational approach, I seek to understand how diverse social groups interpret their colonial past and utilize grassroots agency to engage in socialist campaigns as part of a broader decolonization effort. I aspire for my research to go beyond the conventional binary analysis of socialism’s merits and limitations and instead envision new forms of activism and emancipation in contrast to those embedded in Eurocentric narratives. Therefore, decolonizing existing social sciences theories also constitutes a major part of my research objectives.


B.A., Sociology and International Relations (summa cum laude), Tufts University, 2023

Fields of Study

Comparative-Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Socialism and Postsocialism, Colonialism and Postcolonialism, Social Movements, Latin America, Asia

Awards & Grants

Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, UCLA, 2023

International Relations Program Conference Funding, Tufts University, 2023

Undergraduate Research Funds, Tufts University, 2022

Undergraduate Research Funds, Tufts University, 2022

Department of Sociology Travel Grant, Tufts University, 2022

Ennis and Vecitis Funds, Tufts University, 2022

Michael Ewald Summer Scholars Funds, Tufts University, 2022

Tisch Library Undergraduate Research Awards, Tufts University, 2021


Conference Presentations

“Mothers of the Future: Soviet and Cuban Women’s Experiences with Childcare under Socialism, 1959-c.1980”

  • American Historical Association Undergraduate Lightning Round. Philadelphia, PA, January 2023
  • Tufts Summer Scholars Poster Session. Medford, MA, October 2022
  • Tufts Summer Scholars Symposium History and Power Panel. Medford, MA, August 2022

“The Realm of Stigmatization: Chinese Idol Culture as the Breeding Ground of Gendered Emotions”

  • American Sociological Association Honors Program Intersections with Gender Roundtable. Los Angeles, CA, August 2022

“Asian Exoticism in the Time of COVID-19”

  • Tisch Library Undergraduate Research Awards Symposium. Virtual, May 2021




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