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My research centers on how marginalized groups interact with the institutions that grant rights and resources. In particular, I study how organizational structure and policies shape the migration and incorporation of refugees in the United States. My dissertation, entitled Resettling Refugees: Social Rights and Incorporation in San Diego, CA and Boise, ID, examines how refugees resettled in the U.S. arrive with distinctive social rights that grant them immediate inclusion in the U.S. welfare state through refugee-specific services and general assistance programs. Through twelve months of ethnographic fieldwork consisting of participant observation at a refugee resettlement agency in each city and 102 interviews with refugees and service providers, I demonstrate how these services shape refugees’ economic and social inclusion.

Fields of Study

International Migration, Political Sociology, Forced Migration, Refugee Resettlement, Organizations, Qualitative Methods


Peer Reviewed Publications

Fee, Molly. 2021. "Lives Stalled: The Costs of Waiting for Refugee Resettlement." Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies.

Fee, Molly. and Rawan Arar. 2019. "What Happens When the United States Stops Taking in Refugees?" Contexts 18(2):18-23.

Fee, Molly. 2019. “Paper integration: The structural constraints and consequences of the U.S. refugee resettlement program.” Migration Studies7(4): 477-495.

Fee, Molly. 2017. “Pre-resettlement Experiences: Iranians in Vienna.” Forced Migration Review 54:23-24.

Books and Book Chapters

Arias, M. Beatriz. and Molly Fee (Eds.). 2018. Profiles of Dual Language Education in the 21st Century. Clevedon, U.K.: Multilingual Matters.

Moore, Sarah C.K, Molly Fee, Jongyeon Ee, Terrence G. Wiley, and M. Beatriz Arias. 2014. “Exploring Bilingualism, Literacy, Employability, and Income Levels among Latinos in the United States.” Pp. 45-78 in The Bilingual Advantage: Language, Literacy, and the Labor Market, edited by R.M. Callahan and P.C. Gándara. Clevedon, U.K.: Multilingual Matters.

Fee, Molly, Nancy Rhodes, and Terrence G. Wiley. 2014. “Demographic Realities, Challenges, and Opportunities.” Pp. 6-18 in Handbook of Heritage and Community Languages in the United States: Research, Educational Practice, and Policy, edited by T.G. Wiley, J.K. Peyton, D. Christian, S.C.K. Moore, and N. Liu. New York: Routledge.

Other Publications

Fee, Molly. 2018. "President Trump is Endangering Refugees." Forced Migration Forum.

Sugarman, Julie, Molly Fee, and Anne Donovan. April 2015. "Research in Progress: Center for Applied Linguistics." Language Teaching 48(2):292-297.

Fee, M., Na Liu, Joanna Duggan, M. Beatriz Arias, and Terrence G. Wiley. 2014. Investigating Language Policies in IB World Schools. The Hague: International Baccalaureate Organization.

Fee, Molly. 2013. “Review of Linguistic Justice: International Law and Language Policy.” Folia Linguistica, 47(2):579-583.

Wiley, Terrence G., Sarah C. Moore, and Molly Fee. 2012. A “Languages for Jobs” Initiative. Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 24. Washington, DC: Council on Foreign Relations.

Grants and Awards

UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2020-2021

UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy Collaboration Fellowship (with Dr. Claire Higgins, University of New South Wales, Australia), 2019-2020

P.E.O. Scholar Award, 2019-2020

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, 2019-2020

UCLA Department of Sociology European Studies Fellowship, 2018-2019

UCLA Center for European & Russian Studies Conference Travel Grant, 2018

UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy Fellowship, 2017-2018

UCLA Center for European & Russian Studies Pre-Dissertation Fellowship, Summer 2016

UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship, 2015-2016

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, Summer 2015

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2015-2020

Center for Applied Linguistics Mission Advancement Award, June 2014

Washington University Department of Romance Languages Admussen Prize for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in French, May 2008

Washington University Department of Romance Languages Rose Markovitz Travel Prize, May 2006

Conference Presentations


Fee, M. 2019. “Lives on Hold: The Costs of Waiting for Refugee Resettlement.” Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, August 10, New York, NY.

Fee, M. 2018. “Becoming a Refugee: The Forced Migration Decision-Making of Iranian Religious Minorities.” Paper presentation at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Fee, M. 2018. “Pre-Resettlement and the Precarity of Waiting in Transit Countries.” Paper presentation at the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM) Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Fee. M. 2017. “The Policy and Politics of Refugee Selection.” Paper presentation in the Looking Backward/Facing Forward Luskin Center for History and Policy Workshop Series, December 6, Los Angeles, CA.

Fee, M. 2017. “Paper Integration: The Structural Constraints and Consequences of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.” Paper presentation at the Refugee & Asylum Policies in an Age of Resurgent Nationalism Conference, December 1, San Diego, CA.

Fee, M. 2017. “The Policy and Practice of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program: Structural Constraints and Consequences.” Roundtable paper presentation at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, August 12, Montreal, Canada.

Fee, M. 2017. “The Policy and Practice of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program: Structural Constraints and Consequences.” Paper presented at the UC International Migration Conference, May 13, Berkeley, CA.

Fee, M. 2017. “The Policy and Practice of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program: Structural Constraints and Consequences.” Paper presented at the Center for the Study of International Migration’s International Conference on the Refugee Crisis, April 8, Los Angeles, CA.

Fee, M. 2016. "The Policy and Practice of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program: Structural Constraints and Consequences.” Paper presented at the Migrants, Refugees, & Global Justice: Comparative Perspectives in Societies of Migration Conference at Humboldt University, September 8, Berlin, Germany.

Fee, M. 2016. “Resettlement Policy and the Wellbeing of Refugees in the U.S.: Are Political and Economic Incorporation Enough?” Paper presentated at the International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology, July 13, Vienna, Austria.


Roger Waldinger, Gail Kligman, Ed Walker


C. Phil., Sociology, UCLA, 2018

M.A. Sociology, UCLA, 2016

M.A. Cultural Translation, The American University of Paris, 2010

M.A. International Affairs, The American University of Paris, 2009

B.A. French & International Studies (summa cum laude), Washington University in St. Louis, 2008