Grad Students

Michael Siciliano

Contact Information

Office  Haines 235

Fields of Study

Organizations and work, cultural sociology, science and technology studies, qualitative methods, aesthetics, labor process theory


My dissertation focuses on issues of control, worker experience, and technology among creative workers in an owner-managed firm and a subsidiary of a global firm within the U.S. culture industry. This includes workers in networked occupations that exist outside the boundaries of the firms (audio engineers or producers, YouTube content "creators") and workers in standard employment within the firms (clerical and service staff, analytics workers).


Peer-reviewed articles

2016. "Control from on High: Cloud-Computing, Skill, and Acute Frustration among Analytics Workers in the Digital Publishing Industry." Research in the Sociology of Work.

2016. “Disappearing into the Object: Aesthetic subjectivities and organizational control in routine cultural work.Organization Studies.

Book Reviews & Encyclopedia Entries

2015. “Mass Media.” in Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies. Ed. J. Michael Ryan & Daniel Cook. London: Wiley-Blackwell. with Kjerstin Gruys

2013. “Revisiting Music in Everyday Life by Tia Denora.” Volume!: The French Journal of  Popular Music Studies. 10:1. 306-308.


Book Chapters

2012. “MAXIMUMSOCIALSCIENCE: An Interview Conversation with Alan O’Connor.” In Punkademics, ed. Zack Furness, 91–104. Brooklyn, NY: Minor Compositions/Autonomedia. With Alan O'Connor

Other Publications

2016. “Sonic Sensations of Industry and Fandom at VidCon 2015.” the Sound Ethnography Project. March 4, 2016
2013. “Inhabiting the (aural) Aesthetic Dimension”. the Sound Ethnography Project. August 25th, 2013.

Grants and Awards

2016    UCLA                     Dissertation Year Fellowship        
2016    NSF                        Dissertation Research Improvement Grant
2014    UCLA                     Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship    
2014    UCLA                     Graduate Summer Research Fellowship
2013    UCLA                     Graduate Summer Research Fellowship
2011, 2016    UCLA           Departmental Fellowship   

Conference Presentations

2016. “Worm-holing, deep-diving, and disappearing: Techno-mediated experience and control among routine, creative workers.” American Sociological Association Conference. Regular session: Comparative Ethnography of Power.

2015. “Control from on high: Cloud-skilling on the immaterial assembly line.” American Sociological Association Conference. Regular session: Sociology of Work and the Workplace.

2015. “Life on Glass: Translating the audience commodity.” Chicago Ethnography Conference, Regular session on Work, Occupations, and Labor practices.

2014. “Disappearing into the Object: Aesthetic Enrollment and the Cultural Labor Process.” American Sociological Association Conference. Round-table session in Sociology of Culture.

2014. “Aesthetic Experience and Cultural Work in Los Angeles”. Eastern Sociological Society Conference. Regular Paper Session on Work in the 21st Century.

2013. “Practicing Indie: Organizational Practice and Category Membership within a Field of Restricted Popular Cultural Production”. American Sociological Association Conference. Round-table session in Organizations, Occupations, and Work.


C.K. Lee, Edward Walker, Stefan Bargheer


M.A. Sociology, UCLA, 2013

A.M. Social Sciences, University of Chicago 2010

B.A. Film/Media Studies, University of Pittsburgh 2004