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Matthew J. Baltz

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My research falls squarely in the fields of political and economic sociology, while also extending into the study of nationalism, development, and public policy. All my work shares a common interest in using comparative and historical methods to study the rise of the modern nation state and the evolution of its functions.

I'm currently completing my dissertation, "Between militarism and neoliberalism:the American state and developmental politics in a globalizing era." 


Fields of Study

Political Economy, Comparative Nationalism and Ethnicity, Comparative & Historical Methods


Baltz, Matthew J. (2015). Protecting citizens in hard times: citizenship and repatriation pressures in the United States and France during the 1930s. Theory and Society44(2), 101-124.

This paper is available electronically on SpringerLink:

Grants and Awards

Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA 2014-15

Research Travel Grant, Ford Presidential Library, 2013

Russian and Eurasian Studies Summer Fellowship, UCLA, 2013

Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship, Department of Education, 2010-11

John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship, Amherst College, 2010-11

Chancellor’s Prize, University of California, Los Angeles, 2008–2010

Departmental Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles, 2008-2013

Memorial Fellow in Sociology, Amherst College, 2008-09

Forris Jewett Moore Fellowship, Amherst College, 2006-07

Alfred F. Havighurst History Prize, Amherst College, 2003

Conference Presentations

 “The Limits of State Capacity: US ‘Industrial Policy’ in the Rare Earth Sector Since 1944,” International Studies Association Conference, San Francisco 2013

“Beyond the “Hidden” Developmental State: U.S. governance of foreign direct investment since the 1970s," International Studies Association Conference, Toronto 2014


Dissertation Committee: Rogers Brubaker (Chair) C.K. Lee, William G. Roy, and Shelley Hurt (Political Science, Cal Poly - San Louis Obispo)


M.A. Sociology, UCLA, 2010

M.A. Nationalism Studies, Central European University, 2007

B.A. History (summa cum laude), Amherst College, 2003