Grad Students

Lisa Kietzer

Contact Information

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My dissertation examines doctor-patient interactions within infertility clinics using conversation analysis.

For my Master's project I applied conversation analysis to the study of romantic relationships by looking at how married couples brought up problems with each other.

Fields of Study

Conversation Analysis, Sociology of the Family, Medical Sociology

Grants and Awards

 University Fellowship, 2012-13 

Departmental Teaching Assistantship, 2009-12

Graduate Division Summer Research Mentorship, 2010 

University Fellowship, 2008-09

IRSP Research Stipend, 2008-09


Steve Clayman

John Heritage


CPhil-Sociology, UCLA, June 2012. MA-Sociology, UCLA, June 2010. BA-Sociology with Concentration in Analysis and Research, Honors in the Liberal Arts, Distinction, and Departmental Honors, University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 2001.