Grad Students

Juan D. Delgado

Contact Information

Office  Haines 289
I am interested in the emergence of political categories, cultural meanings and social groups.

My research examines how political categories are made, why they are codified with particular meanings and to what extent they contribute to recreate social boundaries. I draw insights from the historical sociology of state-building processes, the political sociology of institutional fields and the cultural sociology of symbolic practices. My recent empirical work focuses on the politics of ethno-racial categorization in Latin America during the 20th century. In my dissertation, I conduct a comparative study of multi-institutional mobilization processes that led to different forms of political recognition of afro-descendant categories. For this research, I use a mix-methods approach that blends archival, ethnographic and quantitative methodologies.

Fields of Study

Comparative & Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Theory, Comparative Race & Ethnicity, Social Movements & Collective Behavior.

Grants and Awards

2015                 Research Grant, Institute of American Cultures, UCLA

2015                 Field Research Grant, Latin American Institute, UCLA (declined)

2013-2014        Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA     

2012-2016        Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, UCLA

2012-2014        Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, UCLA


Rogers Brubaker


2015                  M.A. - University of California, Los Angeles - Sociology

2012                  M.A. - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sociology

2005                 B.A. - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sociology