Grad Students

Joseph Murphy

Contact Information

Office  Not Available

Fields of Study

Social Stratification and Mobility; Education

Grants and Awards

Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship (2019-2023)

UCLA Competitive Edge (2019)

Conference Presentations

Benson, L., Bolding, C., Ogle, J.H., McGough, C., Murphy, J., and Lanning, R. (2019, June). Engineering Students’ Perceptions of Belongingness in Civil Engineering. In ASEE 2019 Annual Conference.

Brisbane, J., Gallagher, E., Hines, A., Murphy, J., Dunwoody, L.A., Patel, K., Roberson, S., and Gramopadhye, A. (2019, April). Familial Influences Affecting Student Pathways to Engineering and Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions.In 2019 ASEE Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity.

Murphy, J., Hines, A., and Gallagher, E. (2019, March) The Impact of Extra-Familial Relationships on STEM Major Selection. In South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research 31 st Annual Conference.

Brisbane, J., Gallagher, E., Pfirman, A., Patel, K., Murphy, J., and Hines, A. (2019, March). Family and Fictive Family Influences on Engineering Students at Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions. In South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research 31 st  Annual Conference.

Marcanikova, M. Gallagher, E., Brown, C., Brisbane, J., Brown, A., Dunwoody, L.A., Frady, K., Hines, A., Murphy, J., Patel, K., Pfirman, A., Roberson, S., and Gramopadhye, A. (2019, March). High School Technology as a Non-Predictor of First College Math Course. In 2019 ASEE-SE Annual Meeting.

Coleman, M.; Gnegy, K.; Hayes, M.; Johnson, L.; Lambert, V.; Murphy, J.; Pearson, C.; Tennie, B.; Walling, M.; and Prieto, V. (2018, April). Southern life expectancy: Assessing the sex and race gap between states and over time. In Conference Proceedings of the Southern Sociological Society 2018 Annual Meeting.


B.S. Sociology | Clemson University - 2018