Grad Students

Clara Bergen

Contact Information

Office  Not Available

Coordinator, UCLA Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture

Fields of Study

Conversation Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Medical Sociology


Bergen, Clara and Tanya Stivers. 2013. "Patient disclosure of medical misdeeds." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 54(2): 221-40.

Stivers, Tanya, Jack Sidnell, and Clara Bergen. Under Review. "Children's responses to questions in peer interaction: Evidence for an emerging accountability."

Bergen, Clara. In Preparation. "Doing make-believe: Embodied action in children's imaginary character play."

Bergen, Clara, Tanya Stivers, John Heritage, Rebecca Barnes, Rose McCabe, Laura Thompson, and Merran Toerien. In Preparation. "Closing the deal: Patient informedness and resistance in treatment negotiation."


Conference Presentations

National Communication Association Annual Convention, Session on Identity and Relationships through Talk and Play; Language and Social Interaction Division. Doing 'Make-Believe': Embodied Action in Children's Imaginary Character Play. Chicago, Illinois; November 22, 2014.

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Section Session on Studies of Healthcare Work; Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis. Closing the Deal: The Role of Symptomatic Relief in Primary Care Treatment Discussions. San Francisco, California; August 19, 2014.

International Conference on Conversation Analysis, Panel "Doctor's orders: A cross-national study of physician-initiated medical treatment recommendations in patients' visits to primary and secondary care." Closing the Deal: Patient Informedness and Resistance in Treatment Negotiation. Los Angeles, California; June 26, 2014.

Guest Presenter for the Language, Interaction, and Social Organization Research Focus Group. Doing Make-Beliebe: Embodied Action in Imaginary Character Play. Santa Barbara, California; May 16, 2014.

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Regular Session on Conversation Analysis. Patient Disclosure of Medical Misdeeds. New York, New York; August 10, 2013.

Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization. Patient Disclosure of Medical Misdeeds. Santa Barbara, California; May 11, 2013.


Tanya Stivers, John Heritage


BA Sociology with Statistics Minor, University of California Los Angeles, 2013

MA Sociology, University of California Los Angeles, 2015