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Chiara Galli

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international migration, migration and asylum policy, unaccompanied minors, central american immigration, ethnography


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Book Chapters

  • Galli, Chiara. 2014. "Immigrazione e imprenditoria nella Spagna della crisi economica". [Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Spain during the Financial Crisis] pp. 43-48 in Rapporto immigrazione e imprenditoria 2014 edited by M.P. Nanni & F. Pittau. Rome, Italy: Edizioni IDOS.
  • Galli, Chiara & Carmen Lizarraga. 2012. "Creación de un área de apoyo a los microemprendedores inmigrantes en riesgo de exclusión social en Granada (España)". [Supporting Immigrant Microentrepreneurs at Risk of Social Exclusion in Granada, Spain.] pp. 293-308 iEmpresariado inmigrante, instituciones y desarrollo edited by F. López Castellano, F. García-Quero & M. Aboussi. Granada, Spain: Editorial Comares.

Grants and Awards

California Immigration Research Initiative, Graduate Student Fellowship 2017

Latino Center for Leadership Development Research Grant 2017

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2015-2020

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, Summer 2015

Conference Presentations

“Unpacking the “Legal Consciousness” of Unaccompanied Minors: how independent migrant youth understand & experience the law.”  Presented at the “Refugee and Asylum Policies in an Age of Resurgent Nationalism” Conference at the University of California, San Diego on 12/01/2017.

“Protecting the Most Vulnerable? Legal Brokerage in Humanitarian Paths to Legal Status in the US.” Presented at the International Meeting on Law and Society, Mexico City, Mexico, on 07/22/2017.

“A Rite of Reverse Passage: The Construction of Youth Migration in the US Asylum Process” Presented at the 8th Annual UC International Migration Conference “The Social, Economic, and Political Status of California’s Immigrants,” at the University of California Berkeley on 06/13/2017.

“Protecting the Most Vulnerable? An Ethnography of Humanitarian Paths to Legal Status in the US.” Presented at the International Conference on the Global Refugee Crisis at UCLA on 04/08/2017. 

“Humanitarian Paths to Legal Status for vulnerable immigrants in the United States,” presented at the UCLA International Migration Working Group meeting on 10/14/2016.

“Humanitarian Paths to Legal Status for vulnerable immigrants in the United States,” presented at Migrants, Refugees and Global Justice: Comparative Perspectives in Societies of Migration Conference, Humboldt University of Berlin, on 09/07/2016.

"Becoming refugees: an ethnographic account of youth asylum seekers' struggle to conform to the western categories of the US asylum system" presented at the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM) Conference in Poznan, Poland on 07/14/2016.

“Trading In Suffering For Rights: An Ethnographic Account of Humanitarian Paths to Legal Status in The United States” presented at Annual UC-Wide International Migration Conference, University of California Irvine on 04/22/2016.

"Youth as 'ideal victims' in the US asylum process" presented at the UCLA Center for the Study of International Migration's UCLA-Science Po Graduate Student Workshop on 10/30/2015


Roger Waldinger (Chair), Ruben Hernandez-Leon, Stefan Timmermans, Susan Terrio (Georgetown)


MA in Sociology, University of California Los Angeles

MA in Migration and Development Studies, Universidad de Granada (Spain)

BA in Development Economics, Universita' di Roma La Sapienza (Italy)