Grad Students

Caitlin Ahearn

Contact Information

Office  Haines 228A

Fields of Study

Social Stratification and Mobility, Education


Peer Reviewed Articles

Rosenbaum, James E., Caitlin Ahearn, Janet Rosenbaum, and Kelly Becker. 2016. Beyond Earnings And Social Reproduction: Can College Lead To Good Jobs Without Reproducing Social Inequalities? The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

Rosenbaum, James E., Caitlin Ahearn, Kelly Iwanaga Becker, and Janet Rosenbaum. 2015 The New Forgotten Half and Research Directions to Support Them. Discussion Paper on Inequality. New York City: W.T. Grant Foundation.

Conference Presentations

Ahearn, Caitlin,and Janet Rosenbaum. Enduring Effects of Education on Psychological and Physical Health: Exploring the Role of Hazardous Jobs and Work Injuries. 2015 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting Roundtables. 


Jennie Brand


B.S. Social Policy (Magna Cum Laude), Northwestern University, 2013