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Andrew C. Herman

Contact Information

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I work at the intersection of the science of science, political sociology, and economic sociology, specifically on the interface between science/engineering and government. My research follows two large, overarching themes: the issue of "big" public science---large socio-technical systems that are geared toward public benefit (like weather forecasting, satellite navigation systems, and even education systems)---and the distinctive role that lay scientists like engineers and data scientists play.

Fields of Study

Science of Science, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Information (and Data) and Society, Technology, Institutions


Gomez, C., A.C. Herman, & P. Parigi. (2020). Moving More, but Closer: Mapping the Growing Regionalization of Global Scientific Mobility Using ORCID. Journal of Informetrics, 14(3).

Herman, A.C. (2020). Fascists at the Fair: Political Resistance at the 1933-1934 Chicago World’s Fair. Journal of Historical Sociology, 33(2): 198-215.

VanWynsberghe, R., and Herman, A.C. (2016). Adaptive Education: An inquiry-based institution. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

VanWynsberghe, R., and Herman, A.C. (2015). Education for social change and pragmatist theory: Five features of educative environments designed for social change. International Journal of Lifelong Learning, 34(3): 268-283.

Conference Presentations

Herman, A. (December 4th, 2014). ``Challenges to Nazi Symbolic Power in the American Midwest, 1932-1935.'' Theory and Research in Comparative Social Analysis (Department of Sociology, UCLA), Los Angeles, USA.

VanWynsberghe, R., and Herman, A.C. (November 26th, 2010). Features of a Sustainability Classroom: A Sociological Perspective. Public Culture Lecture Series (Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia), Vancouver, Canada.



Rebecca Emigh (UCLA)

Committee (alphabetically):

Stefan Bargheer (UCLA), Emmanuel Didier (Centre Maurice Halbwachs, CNRS), Rebecca Emigh (UCLA), Jacob Foster (UCLA), Ka-Yuet Liu (UCLA)


Charles Gomez, CUNY

Paolo Parigi, Airbnb & Stanford

Robert VanWynsberghe, UBC


MA Sociology (2015), Supervised by Stefan Bargheer
University of California -- Los Angeles

MA Social Sciences (2012), Supervised by Donald Levine
University of Chicago

BA Major Sociology, Major Philosophy (2011)
University of British Columbia