Grad Students

Alina Arseniev-Koehler

Contact Information

Office  Haines 108 - Computational Sociology Reactor

Fields of Study

Computational sociology; Culture; Cognitive sociology; Language; Sociology of health and illness; Stigma


Arseniev-Koehler, Alina and Jacob Foster. “Machine learning as a model for cultural learning: teaching an algorithm what it means to be fat.” SocArXiv preprint. Code and models.

Arseniev-Koehler, Alina, Sharon Mozgai, and Stefan Scherer. 2018. “What type of happiness are you looking for? A closer look at detecting depression.” Conference Proceedings from the 2018 Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology

Moreno, Megan, Alina Arseniev-Koehler, and Ellen Selkie. 2016 “Development and testing of a 3-item screening tool for Problematic Internet Use.” Journal of Pediatrics. 176: 167-172.

Arseniev-Koehler, Alina, Hedwig Lee, Tyler McCormick, and Megan Moreno. 2016. “#Pro-Ana: Pro-Eating Disorder Socialization on Twitter.” Journal of Adolescent Health. 58(6):659-664.

Moreno, Megan, Alina Arseniev-Koehler, Dana Litt, Dimitri Christakis. 2016. “Evaluating college students' displayed alcohol references on Facebook and Twitter.” Journal of Adolescent Health.58(5): 527:532.

Pumper, Megan, Jason Mendoza, Alina Arseniev-Koehler, Matt Holm, Alan Waite, and Megan Moreno. 2015. “Using a Facebook Group as an Adjunct to a Pilot mHealth Physical Activity Intervention: A Mixed Methods Approach.” Studies of Health Technology Informatics. 219:97-101.

Arseniev-Koehler, Alina, Laura Hooper, and Hedwig Lee. 2014. “Online Pro-Eating Disorder (Pro-ED) Activity.” Pp 553-563 in AM:STARs: Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews. Vol 25, Social Networking and New Technologies, edited by V. Strasberger and M. Moreno. American Academy of Pediatrics

Grants and Awards

Computational Social Science Summer School on Multimedia Data Travel Grant from the GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, 2019

Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute (DISI) Fellow, 2018, 2019

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2017-2020

Graduate Research Mentorship Year-Long Award from UCLA, 2017-2018

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award from UCLA Graduate Divison, 2017 (declined)

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award from UCLA Graduate Divison, 2016

Howard B. Woolston Award for Academic Excellence from Univerrsity of Washington Dept. of Sociology, 2014

Mary Gates Research Scholar, 2014

Conference Presentations

“The Gendered Meanings of Gender-Fair Language.” Text across Domains (TextXD) Conference, 2019, UC Berkeley, CA.

“Intro to Word Embeddings.” Text Analysis Across Domains (TextXD) Conference, 2019, UC Berkeley, CA. 

“Gender equal or gender neutral? Gender connotations in occupational nouns.” IC2S2 International Conference on Computational Social Science, 2019. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Gender, Morality, Social Class, and other Cultural Dimensions in Word Embeddings.” Text across Domains (TextXD) Conference, 2018, UC Berkeley, CA. 

“What type of happiness are you looking for? -A closer look at detecting depression.” Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology, 2018, New Orleans, LA. 

 “What type of happiness are you looking for? -A closer look at detecting depression.” UCSD/UCLA Graduate Student Conference on Culture, Health, and Mind, 2018, UC San Diego, CA. 

 “Reading “fat,” thinking “unhealthy” - and other schemata invoked from obesity news,” 28th Annual Thinking Gender Graduate Student Research Conference at UCLA, 2018, Los Angeles, CA. 

“Quantifying Social Biases in Obesity Discourse 1980-2016” American Sociological Association, 2017, Montreal, Canada. 

“Pro-Eating Disorder (pro-ED) Social Interaction on Twitter.” Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Meeting, 2015, Los Angeles, CA.

“Pro-Eating Disorder (pro-ED) Social Interaction on Twitter” Social Media and Adolescent Health Conference, 2014, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Seattle, WA. 

“Peer Influence on Undergraduates’ Intention to get Drunk by Communication Formats.” Research Society on Alcoholism Meeting, 2014, Bellevue, WA. 

“Developing a Scale to Visually Evaluate BMI from Twitter Profile Pictures.” Population Association of America Meeting, 2014, Boston, MA. (Collaborator).

“Peer Influence though various Communication Formats on Intoxication Intention.” Pediatric Academic Societies, 2014, Vancouver, BC.


Committee: Jacob Foster, Jessica Collett, Morteza Dehghani and Omar Lizardo


B.A. with Honors in Sociology and minor in Statistics, University of Washington, 2014

M.A. in Sociology, University of California - Los Angeles, 2017