Olav Sorenson


Contact Information

Email    olav.sorenson@anderson.ucla.edu
Office  F-403a Mullin Management Commons, Anderson
Phone  (310)267-4182
Olav Sorenson is the Joseph Jacobs Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies and Professor of Sociology and Strategy

He had been a faculty member at UCLA from 1999-2005 and returned in 2020. In between, he held the Frederick Frank '54 and Mary C. Tanner Professorship at Yale, the Jeffrey S. Skoll Chair in Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto, and a professorship in Strategic and International Management at London Business School.

Olav's primary stream of research pertains to economic geography, focusing on how entrepreneurship influences the growth and competitiveness of regions, and on why some regions have more successful entrepreneurs than others. In particular, he has called attention to some of the unexpected consequences of the fact that social capital plays an important role in entrepreneurial success.

He also has secondary research streams on how social relationships influence economic transactions and on the sociology of science and innovation.

Olav co-founded Sociological Science and serves as a Department Editor at Management Science. He has also held editorial positions at the American Journal of Sociology, the American Sociological Review and ten other journals. 

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Doctor Mercaturae Honoris Causa, Aalborg University

Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University

M.A. in Sociology, Stanford University

A.B. in Social Studies, Harvard University


2018 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

2017 OMT Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award, Academy of Management

2016 OMT Best International Paper Award, Academy of Management

2012 Carol and Bruce Mallen Award for Lifetime Published Scholarly Contributions to Motion Picture Industry Studies

Selected Publications

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