Ka-Yuet Liu

My research focuses on social networks and social epidemiology. My major test cases are the diffusion of health conditions that people don't typically associate with network processes. My research asks questions such as: what are the network effects of individual suicides? What are the roles of social influence in the rising prevalence of autism? Using these cases I demonstrate that networks are key to understand puzzling epidemiological patterns that often cannot be explained by simple changes in biological risks. 

Tanya Stivers

My research attempts to uncover the underlying structures of conversation using recordings of spontaneous naturally occurring social interaction. Studying how and when people use particular interaction practices, and to what effect, helps us understand where the boundaries are in terms of culture and language. My primary methodology is conversation analysis, but I also combine CA with statistical methods for comparative work whether the interest is race/ethnicity, SES, human development or differences in language and culture.

Lynne Zucker

Organization theory, institutional structure and process, knowledge generation and transfer, comparative international institutions, industrial productivity.


Roger Waldinger

Roger Waldinger, Professor (Ph.D.

Stefan Timmermans

I have conducted research on medical technologies, health professions, death and dying, and population health. I am conducting studies about whole exome sequencing and the community spillover effects of lack of health insurance. My goal is to conduct robust qualitative research that reveals the invisible benefits and costs of the U.S. health care system. 

I am currently the medical sociology editor of the journal Social Science & Medicine.

Vilma Ortiz



Gail Kligman

Darnell Hunt

As Director of UCLA's Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, I am currently managing several research projects on the experiences of African Americans, as well as a major project focusing on the issue of diversity in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Ruben Hernandez-Leon

Rogers Brubaker

Brubaker has written widely on social theory, immigration, citizenship, nationalism, and ethnicity. His first book explored the idea of rationality in the work of Max Weber, while his essays on Pierre Bourdieu helped introduce Bourdieu to an English-speaking audience.


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