Chris Herring

Chris' research focuses on poverty, homelessness, and housing in US cities.

Desi Small-Rodriguez

Jason L. Ferguson

Wei-hsin Yu

Wei-hsin Yu is a sociologist and social demographer specializing in the areas of social stratification and gender inequality. Her research focuses on how macrolevel forces influence individuals, paying special attention to their labor market outcomes, family behaviors, and psychological health. She has published two books and numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, including American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, and Demography.

Andrés Villarreal

Andrés Villarreal is a sociologist and social demographer specializing in the areas of international migration, race and ethnicity, social stratification, and health in social context. Much of his research focuses on Latin America and the Latin American-origin population in the U.S. Within the area of immigration he seeks to understand how population movements are driven by economic changes, and the consequences that these movements have for social wellbeing. In an ongoing research project he is examining the long-term economic assimilation of immigrants in the U.S.

Natasha Quadlin

(On leave at the Russell Sage Foundation for 2022-23)

Omar Lizardo

My empirical work contributes to the fields of cultural sociology, historical sociology, social movement studies, culture and consumption studies, cognitive sociology, and network science. My theoretical work deals with general issues in classical and contemporary social theory with an emphasis on the link between practices, culture, cognition, and institutions.

Jessica L. Collett

Jessica L. Collett joined the UCLA faculty in 2018. She is a social psychologist, primarily interested in small group processes, identity, and the relationship between the two.

Giovanni Rossi

I research human language and gesture as a system of tools for social interaction. My interest is both in the universal features of the system grounded in the common infrastructure of human interaction and in its variable features driven by the local resources and norms of particular cultural and social settings

Cecilia Menjívar

In general, I focus on the structural roots of inequalities and on how individuals’ social locations shape their responses to such conditions. The theoretical strand connecting my work centers on the state and its actions: how state power manifests--through legal regimes, bureaucracies, and formal institutions--in the microprocesses of everyday life in various contexts.


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