Michael Mann

Additionaly the author of: "Fascists", a comparative study of fascists in six European countries; and "The Darkside of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing", a comparative and historical analysis of murderous cleansing.

Jack Katz

Current research: I am currently analyzing the results of an interview and observational study of six neighborhoods in Hollywood. The research was conducted with (then) post-doc Peter Ibarra and (then) graduate student, Maggie Kusenbach. My studies on the relationship of the body and the self, using videotape, ethnographic observation, and historical materials on everyday life, are continuing. My long-term interests are in developing a naturalistic social psychology and in advancing the methodological understanding of ethnography.

Nicky Hart

David Halle

Richard Berk

Warren Tenhouten

Ivan Szelenyi

Most of my research in the first area explores the unique sources of social inequalities in socialist societies. I have a long standing interest in class formation under state socialism, and have paid particular attention to the origins of the new entrepreneurial class and the strategies of the old elites to converge (preserve?) their old privileges. My current work examines changes in class structure in Eastern Europe with the transition to post-communism. I have a long-standing interest in the theory of the New Class, including its applicability to Western societies.

Emanuel Schegloff

I am interested in exploring what we can learn about any of social science's traditional concerns through the detailed naturalistic study of interaction. In the course of pursuing this goal through the close study of (audio and/or video) recorded episodes of all manner of naturally occurring interaction, it has turned out that we can also discover previously unrecognized concerns for social science, and ones which appear to be central to the organization of conduct in interaction and of persons' experience of it.

Jerome Rabow

William Mason