April 29, 2021
4:00pm to 5:30pm

Featuring Bradley Burnam

B.A. Sociology, '01
Founder and CEO, Turn Therapeutics

in conversation with

Stefan Timmermans
Professor, UCLA Department of Sociology.

About the discussion:  COVID-19 placed our lack of pandemic preparedness on the world’s stage. Yet, scientists have been warning for years that we are even less prepared for a potentially deadlier series of superbugs: antibiotic resistant bacteria. We have more bugs, yet fewer drugs than ever. Will we learn from our mistakes and prioritize antibiotic development irrespective of economic returns? Bradley Burnam, once a victim of a severe antibiotic resistant infection, will orient us to the role antibiotics have played in the development of modern medicine, as well as contextualize the failure to prioritize antibiotics in a broader socio-political context. Drawing upon industry and sociological perspectives, he will discuss the consequences of an imbalanced reimbursement system, available venture funding for antibiotic development, and the downstream effects of disproportionate regulatory hurdles that have placed a dangerous kink in the antibiotic pipeline.

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