Sociology of Health

The Health Working Group (HWG) is a collaborative community at UCLA that welcomes scholars to share and discuss research related to health, medicine, and biotechnology. Our members share an interest in medical sociology, but also span diverse interests in organizations, race/ethnicity, global studies, ethnography, gender, and demography. The goal of the HWG is to facilitate a variety of projects from students and faculty through engagement with one another's work (in any stage of completion)To date, the HWG has served as a supportive community for discussions of dissertation proposals, fellowship applications, thesis papers, journal articles, conference presentations, data segments and preliminary analyses for UCLA students, guest speakers, and visiting scholars. 

If you would like to participate in the HWG or join our mailing list, please email Amy Zhou at or Eleni Skaperdas at  


FALL 2017

10/20/17: 12:00 pm, Haines 215

Welcome and annual planning meeting

11/10/17: 12:00 pm, Haines 215

Alina Arseniev-Koehler - UCLA

“The language of depression and the challenges of text mining"

11/17/17: 12:00 pm, Haines 215

Heeju Sohn - CCPR, practice job talk

"Demographic divergence in safety nets"

Neil Gong - UCLA, practice job talk

"Mind and matter: Madness and inequality in Los Angeles"

12/1/17: 12:00 pm, Haines 215

Amy Zhou - UCLA, practice job talk

“Misaligned visions: Motherhood, HIV, and the unfulfilled promises of the global health enterprise"



1/26/18: 12:00 PM, HAINES 215

Ka-Yuet Liu - UCLA 

 "Are Undocumented Immigrants More Likely to Die Unnaturally? Analysis of 7.6 Million Death Records from California, 1980-2013." 


2/16/18: 12:00 PM, HAINES 215

Zach Griffin - UCLA 

"The Cost of Saving Babies: Calculations and Consequences."

3/2/18: 12:00 PM, HAINES 215

Clara Bergen - UCLA 

Dissertation proposal: Introductory chapter



5/8/18: 10:30 AM, HAINES 279

Rene Almeling - Yale University

"GUYnechology: the Missing Science of How Men's Health Matters for Reproduction."

5/18/18: 12:00 PM, HAINES 215

Danielle Raudenbush - UCSD

5/25/18: 12:00 PM, HAINES 215

Neil Gong - UCLA

6/8/18: 12:00 PM, HAINES 215

Lucrecia Mena - UCLA