Sociology of Gender & Sexuality

Sociology of Gender

The UCLA Sociology Gender Working Group (GWG) brings together graduate students and faculty interested in the sociology of gender. The group embraces a wide range of methodologies and theoretical approaches aimed at understanding the social processes that produce gender difference and inequality, and how these intersect with other forms of inequality, including race, class, sexuality, age, and, citizenship. The GWG provides graduate students a space to present and discuss their work and hosts talks by sociologists of gender working at other institutions. 

2016-2017 Schedule

Marie Berry, University of Denver: October 10th, 12:00pm in Haines 215

Gender Working Group Planning Meeting: October 14th, 1:00pm in Haines 279

Amelia Hill and Christina Chica Presentations: November 4th, 5:00pm in Haines 215

David Pedulla, Stanford University: April 27th, 12:00pm in Haines 279