Grad Students On The Job Market

Diya Bose
Areas of Specialization: Sex, Gender, Sexuality, Law, Ethnography, Global South
Dissertation TitleContesting the Third Gender Category in India 
Advisors: Ortiz

Rebecca DiBennardo or
Areas of Specialization: Sexualities, Gender, Criminology, Law & Policy
Dissertation TitleFrom Pervert to Predator: Law, Medicine, Media, and the Construction of Contemporary Sexual Deviance
Advisor: Saguy 

Molly Fee;

Areas of Specialization: International Migration, Political Sociology, Forced Migration, Refugee Resettlement

Dissertation Title: Resettling Refugees: Social Rights and Incorporation in San Diego, CA and Boise, ID

Advisors: Waldinger (chair), Kligman, Walker, and David FitzGerald (external member)

Chiara Galli
Areas of Specialization: International Migration, Sociology of Law, Children and Youth Studies, Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: Refugee Children or Immigrant Teenagers? The Precarious Rights and Belonging of Central American Unaccompanied Minors in the United States. 
Advisors: Waldinger, Hernandez-Leon, Menjivar, Timmermans, Susan Terrio (external member) 

Jay Johnson or
Areas of Specialization: International Migration, Political Sociology, Forced Migration Studies, Cities, South Africa
Dissertation Title: State Borders in Urban Spaces: Legal and Political Contention over Refugee Reception Offices (RROs) in Post-Apartheid South African Cities
Advisors: Roger Waldinger; Edward Walker; Tendayi Achiume; Andrew Apter

Andrew N. Le
Areas of Specialization:
 International Migration, Political and Environmental Sociology, Political Economy, Work, Organizations, Religion, and Comparative Ethnicity, Race, and Nationalism
Dissertation Title: The Effects of Exit: Contemporary Vietnamese Labor Migration
Waldinger (chair), Brubaker, Kligman, Walker and George Dutton

-Yewon Andrea Lee or
Areas of Specialization: Political Sociology; Labor Sociology and Sociology of Work; Social Movements and Social Change; Urban Sociology; Global and Transnational Sociology; Global South; Social Theory; Urban Ethnography; Comparative History; Qualitative Methods
Dissertation Title: Precarious Workers in the Speculative City: The Untold Gentrification Story of Tenant Shopkeepers' Displacement and Resistance in Seoul 
Advisors: Ayala, Hunter, Bargheer, Chun 

Amanda McArthur

               Areas of specialization: Medical Sociology, Talk & Interaction in Medicine, Sociology of Diagnosis, Conversation Analysis, Mixed Methods

      Dissertation title: Resisting the Diagnosis: Medical Authority and the Problem of Legitimacy in US Primary Care

                      Advisors: Heritage (Chair), Stivers, Timmermans, Bird (RAND Health)

-Sung S. Park or
Areas of Specialization: Family, Demography, Immigration, Race, Social Stratification, Aging, Life Course.
Dissertation TitleLiving Arrangements Throughout Life: The Experiences of Diverse American Families
Advisor: Seltzer

Jacob Thomas
Areas of SpecializationInternational Migration and Travel, Social Stratification/Inequality/Mobility, Sociology of Law, Comparative Migration Policy and Law, Comparative Race/Ethnicity/Nationalism, Survey Research Design and Mixed Methods, Contemporary Chinese Societies and U.S.-China Relations

Dissertation Title: The Denied, the Deterred, and the Disenchanted: Why a Variety of Potential Emigrants Never Immigrated

Advisors: Zhou, Brand, Agadjanian, Peters (Political Science)

-Ariana Valle

Areas of Specialization: Race/Ethnicity, (Im)migration, Political Sociology, Latina/o Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Qualitative Methods
Dissertation TitleI Am Not Your Immigrant: Puerto Ricans, Liminal Citizenship, and Politics in Florida
Advisors: Ortiz, Ayala, Hernández-León, Zentella
 Emily Yen
Areas of Specialization: Urban Sociology, Regional Development, Organizations, Environmental Sociology, Labor
Dissertation TitleInvisible Industries: The Politics and Struggles of Port Development in Southern California
Advisors: Hunter and Tilly