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Tahseen Shams

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Fields of Study

International Migration, Race/Ethnicity, Nationalism, Globalization, Transnationalism, Muslims in America, South Asian Americans, Qualitative Methods



(2017) Shams, Tahseen. “Mirrored Boundaries: How Ongoing Homeland-Hostland Contexts Shape Bangladeshi Immigrant Collective Identity Formation.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 40(4): 713-731.

(2015) Shams, Tahseen. "Bangladeshi Muslims in Mississippi: Impression Management Based on the Intersectionality of Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender." Cultural Dynamics 27(3): 379-397.

(2015) Shams, Tahseen. “The Declining Significance of Race or the Persistent Racialization of Blacks?: A Conceptual, Empirical, and Methodological Review of Today’s Race Debate in America.” Journal of Black Studies 46(3): 282-296.

(2013) Reid, Julie, and Tahseen Shams. "Gender and Multigenerational Global Human Development." Sociology Compass 7/8: 612-629. 

Grants and Awards

UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

UCLA Institute of American Cultures Graduate/Predoctoral Fellowship 

UCLA Graduate Division University Fellowship

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Grant

UCLA Department of Sociology Summer Conference Travel Grant 

Conference Presentations

(2014) "Mirrorred Boundaries: The Intersection of Ongoing Homeland-Hostland Contexts in Bangladeshi Immigrants' Boundary-Work in Los Angeles." American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

(2012) "Being Muslim in Mississippi: An Exploratory Study of the Intersectionality of Religion, Race, Gender, and Nationality of First Generation Bangladeshi Muslims in Mississippi." Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

(2012) "Representation of Food in Korean Dramas." Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.


Doctoral Committee: Roger Waldinger and Rubén Hernández-León (Co-Chairs), Rogers Brubaker, Nile Green (UCLA History)


(2015) C. Phil., Sociology, UCLA

(2014) M.A., Sociology, UCLA

(2012) B.S., Sociology (Summa Cum Laude), The University of Southern Mississippi