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Philip Lu

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  - Theories of how social structures generate inequalities in power and influence on a micro-level, and the effect of these differentials on structural change. This includes but is not limited to: centrality measures, network exchange theory, balance theory. 

- Family decline in the U.S. and its relationship with economic stratification. 

- Social inequalities along race gender lines in the assortative mating market, and the corresponding relationships with economic stratification, educational attainment, and family structure. 

Teaching Assistant for: 
Sociology 111: Social Networks. 
Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Summer 2007, Fall 2007 

Sociology 113: Statistical and Computer Methods. 
Winter 2007 

Sociology 157: Social Stratification 
Winter 2008 

Research Assistant for: 
Summer 2006 - Present 
Professor Lynne Zucker (UCLA) 
Construction and On-going Analysis of Nanobank Dataset. 
(Funded by National Bureau of Economic Research) 

Summer/Fall 2007 
Professor Mara Marks (LMU) 
Preliminary Analysis of the LARiots Dataset 

Webmaster for the American Sociological Association Section for Mathematical Sociology

Fields of Study

Social Networks, Social Stratification, Sociology of Family

Grants and Awards

Department Fellowship 

National Science Foundation Graduate Student Research Fellowship Honorable Mention 2006 

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship 2006

Conference Presentations

 "Structural Factors in Social Change: The effect of Transitivity and Asymmetricity on Triad Stability," INSNA International Sunbelt Conference XXVIII, St. Pete's Beach, Florida. January 2008. 

"Self-Organizing Maps and Self-Organizing Social Systems: Content, Structural Coherence, and Growth of Scientific Specialties in Nanotechnology," (Sub for Lynne Zucker) INSNA International Sunbelt Conference XXVIII, St. Pete's Beach, Florida. January 2008. 

"Asymmetricity: A new theory of social balance," AKD Conference, UCLA. June, 2005.


M.A. Sociology, UCLA 2007, B.A. Sociology, UCLA 2005